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5 Winter Hair Care Tips You Need to Know

Sep 23, 2018


gael farjon

Winter is the favorite season for many people. People, living in tropical zones, generally love the winter season for lesser moist in the air and lesser atmospheric temperature. Along with its benefits, winter also comes with some drawbacks. Since, humidity level starts dropping during the winter season, we feel skin as well as scalp dryness issues. Dry scalp is alarming for those, who have thinner hair texture. Dry scalp also leads to dandruff formation which also damages the hair significantly. To protect your hair during rough and harsh winter season, you need to follow some tips. These tips are discussed in the following section.

Although there are many tips and tricks about hair care in winters, let us take an insight to 5 major tips that can prove to be the best friend for your hair in winters –

Tip No 1. Keep Scalp Moisturized

There could be different methods of keeping the scalp moisturized. Using regular hair oil is a good thing, as it traps moisture on the scalp and prevent the upper layers of scalp from dryness. For moisturizing hair, you are suggested to use coconut based hair oil. Thick coconut oil offers excellent scalp nourishment and dryness protection. Apart from coconut oil, you can use castor oil, jojoba oil, onion oil and other kinds of hair oil products.

Tip No 2. Avoid Hot Water Bath on Daily Basis

Even though winter is nippy, it is always good to choose regular water for bathing instead of hot water. Even though you choose hot water for bathing, you need to go for as lesser hot as possible. Bathing in hot water can cause scalp dryness and that would lead to dandruff formation as well as hair damages. So, instead of hot water, you should choose regular water for bathing during winter in order to keep your hair protected from dryness.

Tip No 3. Regular Hair Trimming Is Essential

Hair trimming is an important part of hair grooming. If you want your hair to retain its texture and sheen for a long time, you need to undergo regular hair trimming. Trimming hair will cause lesser hair damages. During winter, hair tends to lose its thickness. As a result, long hair tends to form small knots. Formation of these knots can cause significant hair damage. Thus, you should keep your hair trimming on regular basis, especially in winter season. In case you need to add length and volume to hair, you can always choose slip-in extensions.

Tip No 4. Clip-in Hair Extension for Stopping Hair Damage

Hair damage in winter can be stopped by using clip-in hair extensions. These extensions work perfectly to protect your original hair from dryness. Nevertheless, they help you to appear more generous as they increase hair length as well as volume. You can attain different hair stylizing with clip-in extensions.

Tip No 5. Proper Dieting

To stop or prevent hair damage during winter, you need to opt for proper dieting. Your daily dieting chart should include green vegetables, which are enriched with vital nutrients including a lot of vitamins and minerals. In addition, it is always good to avoid junk food items. Consuming junk foods can cause hair and skin damages. Moreover, it is absolutely essential to quit smoking and lessen up the consumption of alcohol for preventing hair loss or damages.

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