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5 Ways to Get More Hair Volume & Length

Sep 04, 2018


gael farjon

Everyone wishes to have their hair in their best form that can be flawlessly shown to the world and get in more confidence, giving an amazing glow to your personality. Even celebrities have big teams to take care of their hair and decide upon styles to maintain attractiveness in world’s eye.

There are many flaws which can cause tension to you while working on your hair. Be it the clumsiness of hair, be it the harshness of hairs, be it unequal volume of hair in different areas of your skull or any other issue, there are always solutions available to give them a fix and ensure you represent the best version of your hair.

Let us go through some of the best tips to maintain best version of your hairs –

    Tip No 1: Get more volume by Hair extensions

      When you are struggling with less hair on your skull but wish to have more volume, you can always look towards using Clip-in Hair Extensions with high volume that are easy to install and easy to maintain. Once you clip them at proper position and in proper manner, you get seamless volume at each portion of your skull with any desirable hairstyle.

        Tip No 2: Give height to your natural high volume section

          Mostly, hair do not have equal volume in every corner on your skull. In order to have a more impressive look, you can give them a good height on your skull by switching them on to the opposite side of their natural deviation. This provides a good volume on the crown. Also, make sure you do not look clumsy while doing it. To avoid looking clumsy, you can do this trick when your hairs are in wet condition so that they remain on flipped side when they get dry.

            Tip No 3: Back combing as an amazing hack

              Perform back combing on your hair, mostly on the roots only to keep them more intact and high in volume. Make sure you do at root only. Also, feeding them with hairsprays while back combing and leaving them for certain time makes them smoother as an additive along with more volume on your head.

                Tip No 4: Upside-Down hack

                  Use this trick of doing your hair upside down when they are wet, to make them dry. This trick works best because when you make them upside down during process of drying, they are in their highest surface area and skull pushes them out as a result of gravity, thus maintaining the volume after getting dry.

                    Tip No 5: Trim at right position

                      Trimming your hairs in a traditional way by removing equal portion from every part will bring you embarrassment. When you perform trimming, make sure you try to achieve the best possible volume in each area so that you skull can always look more full in each area.

                      There are numerous tricks to keep your hair in best form. Using these few tips regularly ensures you have best form of your hair which you can flaunt along with your boosted confidence.

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