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3 Common Mistakes You Make with Clip-In Hair Extensions

Oct 01, 2018


gael farjon

It is often said that jewelries are the best friends of women. But, it would not be an exaggeration to claim that besides jewelries, clip-in hair extensions are also the best friends of women. Hair extensions are used for adding volume, color and style to the hair. One can find different types of hair extensions, though clip-in extension is regarded as the simplest type of extension. It helps you to appear more beautiful by enhancing the outlook of your hairstyle. A perfect hairstyle makes you gorgeous and beautiful. When it comes to using hair extensions, people make some mistakes. These mistakes can prove to be costly, as they can potentially damage your original hair.

1. Sleeping in Hair Clip-in Extension

After coming back from late night parties, many women do not have enough patience to detach clip-in extension. Being so tired, they choose to sleep with the clip-ins and later in the morning, they detach the clip-ins. Well, this is a terrible malpractice that people often do with clip-in hair extensions. It can damage the clip-ins. At the same time, it could prove to be damaging for your natural existing hair. So, whenever you use the clip-in hair extensions, you need to find time to detach them properly after returning home from parties or events. Sleeping without detaching them would lead to disastrous result.

Even if you use high quality hair extensions, they could be found damaged if you choose to wear them overnight when sleeping. Women are often suggested to remove makeup with high quality remover serum or lotion before they go to bed. This helps them to protect skin texture from being damaged. Similar to this, women are also advised that they should detach clip-in hair extensions at the right time.

2. Improper Hair Washing Routine

Just like your natural hair, clip-in hair extension also needs regular washing and nourishment. Now, people do not understand the washing routine properly. Improper washing routine will actually damage the hair extension. If washing has been done perfectly, good quality clip-in hair extension can last for more than 5-10 years. If you are using hair extension on daily basis, you need to wash the hair extension at least once in a week. Not washing the clip-ins for a long time could damage the natural sheen and texture of the extension. On the other hand, washing the hair extension too frequently would lead to damage to the extension. So, washing has to be periodic, but not too frequently. Use soft comb, preferably wooden comb, for the combing job on your hair extension.

3. Not Using the Right Product

Not using the right product is a mistake, when it comes to using the hair extensions. Different hairstyle and texture would match different kinds of extensions. So, choosing the right product is important. When right product has been chosen, you need to use that in proper manner. Hair extension should be used as per the instructions of the experts in order to protect both your natural hair and the hair extension.

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