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Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension

Sep 24, 2022


gael farjon

In this fashion era, all the girls or women dream about having gorgeous, thick, mermaid-like hairs that make them beautiful by gushing down their backs. But some might not have been blessed with enviable natural hairs. If you are anything like them, don't worry, you don't need to worry anymore. Luckily, there are many options in our lifelong quest to make our hair look thicker and fuller. 

Furthermore, when we talk about hair extensions, it can start to feel slightly overwhelming to choose the right one that can suit you well. Do you opt for bulk, clip-ins, sewn, fusion, or weft? Choosing one can be pretty confusing because there is no significant difference between them. Don't be fret if you are considering hair extension choices and are stuck on what to choose! Our team at Chandra Hair is here to tell you why micro bead weft hair extensions are the way to go. First, you need to know and explore everything about hair extensions. Let's have a look below!

Weft Extension

What Are Bead Wefts Hair Extensions

A beaded weft extension is simply a curtain of hair sewn together at the top by a machine forming a panel that can be wrapped onto our head. This sewing approach of hair extension makes for a durable option because, unlike tape, glues, or bonds, individual hair strands can't thoroughly fall out. You get a solid panel that is barred and not going anywhere in this kind of extension. In simple words, beaded wefts are a kind of wefts that can be attached with silicone-lined beads to our natural hairs without the use of heat, tape, glue, chemicals that are common offenders to hair damage. It is commonly one of the easiest and fastest hair extension methods. A little bit of your natural hair is dragged through the bead and then crimped to abide snugly on your hair.

Pros Of Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension

  • Less weight on your birth hair: Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension leads to minor hair damage. Like other methods, these tiny microbeads have an almost weightless silicone lining that does not consider down your hair strand. The overuse of heavy extensions can stress the natural hair and leads to hair loss. 
  • Ultra-discrete: These hair extensions are ultra-discrete; even you may forget that you are wearing them. Because tiny beads are used to attach the weft to your scalp and hair, these can be the barest extensions in your whole experience. The weave poses close to the head; hence they are almost undetectable.
  • Long durable: The Bead Weft Hair Extensions are triple sewed on a machine weft tracked. Before it needs to be replaced, we can use the same weft more than two to three times, but in between then, we don't require more than a re-clamp and touch up.
  • Ideal for the Gym or Jobs: The most valuable benefit of bead wefts is that they move quickly without causing damage or stressing the hair. These microbeads are freestyle, so you can work out or get your yoga or jobs without damaging your weft extension or your natural hair.
  • Easy to install and remove- Micro beads hair extensions are easily installable and are safe for your hair because of the absence of any bond or glue. In addition, we can easily adjust them; also, they are user-friendly in removing.
  • Good quality at a lower price: Micro bead hair extensions are relatively cheaper than other kinds of hair extensions. Plus, these allow you the luxury of hair dyeing without harming the bonds connecting your hair. 
  • Reusable and universal- These extensions are reusable and universal in hair styling. We can style these wefts like our own hair, while other hair extensions require you to avoid styling and not apply any heat near the bonds.
Weft Extension

Cons Of Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension

  • These extensions can damage the natural hair and be painful due to the straining and intense application process.
  • These hair extensions are not suitable for those people who have thin and unhealthy hair. Therefore, these are not good recommendations for people having thin hair. 
  • One of the major cons of Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension is taking the most time-intensive application methods. It will take more than two to three hours for application.
  • You may undergo headaches during the application or many days even after. It may also result in an itchy feeling or scalp discomfort for the first few weeks of application.
  • Microbead hair extensions can be unsuitable for fine and thin hair use. So if you have thin hair it will be best to avoid these hair extensions. 

How To Install Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension

These extensions are applied without heat, bond, glue, or any chemicals, and this quality makes them unique. A tiny bead seals your natural hair with many artificial hair extensions. For installing these extensions, firstly, you need to slide the hair through the loop while adding the hair strand alongside and attach the hair with the help of a pair of pliers. 

In the beginning, the process may appear to be complicated, but it is easy when you have a little practice with experience. It is the only proven natural method to cover your scalp. The end appearance is exceptionally safe, pretty much durable, and natural-looking. These extensions are among the most popular types for reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Colors Available Of Micro Bead Weft Hair Extension

Chandrahair delivers you the best micro bead weft hair extension with different styles and colors that can enhance your look very well. Here, you can get any color of hair extensions that can match your natural hair and suit your face. 

  • Weft Hair Extensions Human Hair Black: The black color of weft hair extensions gives you natural-looking hairs. It can be heated (curled or straightened), dyed, washed, styled, and treated like your natural hair.
  • Weft Hair Extensions Real Human Hair Blonde: Nowadays, blonde hairs have become very popular among girls. It gives you an attractive and bold look to your overall personality. Here, we provide you with the best quality blonde hair on our website.
  • Weft Hair Extensions Sew In Human Hair Platinum Blonde- We use natural human hair to make the Hair Extensions Blonde Human Hair Sew, so it unavoidably has the identical slightly knotted and bent quality natural hair.
  • Weft Hair Extensions Burgundy- Nowadays, burgundy color is actively used in dark hair tones for hair dyeing. Women with medium brown hair often also resort to this noble shade in order to emerge well and much brighter.
  • Weft Hair Extensions Human Hair Blonde- While it's true that everyone can look pretty wearing blonde hair. You can go blonde no matter your hair color or skin color. It creates energizing contrast with your cool skin and drives your eyes to pop truly. The only metier you require is to find the perfect shade of blonde. And here at Chandrahair, you can get a variety of blonde hair extensions.

Why Choose Weft

Weft hair extension

There are so many reasons to go with the microbead weft hair extensions over other options. For your amenity, here are a few reasons we prefer weft hair extensions over other options:

Microbead weft hair extensions can provide different levels of thickness to your hair. Bead weft hair extensions can be chosen and styled to fulfill your precise desire for length and thickness. Bead weft hair extensions induce the tiniest damage to your natural hair. Are you tense that your new extensions will damage your gorgeous, natural waves? Don't fret! It is not the case for weft extensions.

In addition, beaded weft extensions do not cause any damage to our natural hair. It is sewn on, and they are safe to use heat products and styling tools. Whether your hair is inherently fine or fuller, it will help you achieve your dream hair. The best advantage is trying a new style or color without the long-term commitment. You will love this hair extension because you can try out a different hairstyle without the obligation of a permanent cut or color.

Professionally applied for weft extensions flawlessly match your hair. If you think bead weft hair extensions are suitable for you, make sure you have them involved in your locks safely and correctly. For getting the best result, you must call your local quality salon and have extensions applied by an expert.


Furthermore, if you want to try something new and trendy with your hair, nothing can be better than the micro bead weft hair extensions. It is the perfect way to add length and volume to your natural locks without the commitment of a permanent weave or dye. It is the thing that you will never regret having done as the weft extensions look natural and make you feel great because it is painless, non-damaging to hair, and quick to apply at any local salon. So why wait? Achieve the voluminous hair of your dream without harming your natural hair. Contact our team of talented professionals at Chandra Hair to consult and buy today the micro bead weft hair extensions quickly.

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