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Buy Online Best Tape In Hair Extensions From Chandrahair

Sep 19, 2022


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Do you want to bring an instant change in your hairstyle? If yes, then tape-in hair extensions can be a perfect match for you. Tape-in ​​hair extensions are a cinch to use and can be applied immediately to your hair. These are easy to immerse within a natural appearance so that no one will know the difference between your natural hair and extension hair. Tape-in extensions are the most well-known and most up-to-date procedures of extension software. A significant advantage of these extensions is that they are pretty simple to eliminate. Plus, using the tape in hair extension will not damage your hair or scalp. Even if you do not need to use a conditioner when washing your hair, your extensions will remain secure.

Tape-in ​​hair extensions

Furthermore, if you decide to go with tape-in hair extensions, you can buy online the best tape-in hair extensions from Chandra Hair. Chandra Hair is known as one of the biggest hair suppliers, and here you can order any Tape Hair Extensions at the best prices. Plus, you can purchase all quality hair from Chandra Hair at a discount rate. There is no doubt that tape extensions are unique; they are the most valuable accessories for any girl. And this is the reason why Chandra Hair sells a tape-in hair extension of the best quality. So if you want to purchase these tape extensions, you can order them online from home at the lowest prices from and get delivered straight to your home with reasonable shipping rates.

Tape-in hair extensions collection of Chandra Hair includes natural human hair that matches well with your natural hair. With proper handling and maintenance, one can use these extensions for a long time. Tape hair extensions employ the best technology from the ever-changing hair market. Supplying a tape hair extension system is efficient, simple, and quick to use. It has been the hair extension of choice for hairstylists and users globally. Moreover, if you have any questions regarding tape-in hair extensions in your mind, do not be afraid to contact the team of Chandra Hair; we are available through email, chat, and all social media platforms.

Best Tape In Hair Extensions

Once you try the hair extensions, then you cannot live without them. The added volume of hair and different chemical-free color options give you absolute confidence. But when it comes to hair extensions, we are all stuck with the idea of which hair extension method is best. So when someone asks us for any recommendations, we suggest they go with the tape hair extensions. The main reason for this is that it is most demanded in hair salons worldwide. In comparison to other extensions methods, tape in hair extensions is more convenient and better.

The tape in hair extensions is the least expensive semi-permanent hair extension method at Chandra Hair. Plus, it is available for both the cost of hair and the application. It is the most accessible hair extension to maintain, and once you wear it, you will forget that you are wearing an extension. And when you buy this extension from Chandra Hair, you will find that they are very lightweight and don't tug your hair as the other extensions do. If you want to explore everything about tape in hair extensions at Chandra Hair, let's have a look below.

What Is Good About Chandra Hair’s Tape-In Hair Extensions

  • Sound quality: We offer high-quality tape in hair extensions at Chandra Hair.
  • Tape Size: The tape size in this extension is 4CM X 0.8CM.
  • Lengths: The length of tape in hair extensions is 18" to 24".
  • Best Hair Ratio: The hair extensions we provide at Chandra Hair are satisfactory for the customers as they have the best hair ratio.
  • Price: At Chandra Hair, You can get the best quality tape hair extensions at very affordable prices.
  • Colour: They are available at very different shades including light colours is #22, #24, #613, #60 and fancy colours. Plus, dark colours include (#1, #1b, #2, #4).
  • Pieces of extensions: 40pcs or 60pcs recommended for full heads.
  • Hair Type: Soft and Silky. 100% Pure Remy Human Hair, Cuticle intact going in the same direction.
  • Grade: 10A with best hair ratio.
  • Tape size: The tape size is about 4cm X 0.8cm. 

Tape Hair Extensions Specifications

  • Texture: Straight Only
  • Hair Grade: 10A Single drawn (about 30% ratio, which is not thin at all). We can also make double-drawn tape for custom orders.
  • Hair Origin:    Grade 10A is Indian Raw Hair with a slight process for softness.
  • Color: Any color, more than 25 colors. (please email us the color you want).
  • Product Longevity: The longevity of this extension is about 1 to 2 years for the hair. And you can reuse the tape to 3 to 5 times.
  • Weight: 2.0g per piece for 18",

 2.5g per piece for 20" 22" 24."

(20 pieces per pack)

  • Shipping Time: The order of tape in hair extension take up to 10 days. Shipping takes 3 to 4 days to the USA and anywhere globally.

Why You Should Go With Tape-In Hair Extension

Using tape in hair extensions is the best way to temporarily increase the length of your hair. The hair extensions we provide at Chandra Hair are of high quality so that they can very easily match the current texture of your hair. Here we offer I-tips and U-tips extensions that are available in various colors and shades. In this wide variety of colors, you can find the shade you prefer the most.

In the world of digitization, wherever you are, you can place an order for the tape in hair extensions from any corner of the globe. Chandra Hair would let you buy tape hair extensions online, facilitating the delivery of these extensions right at your doorstep. You are bound to love them endlessly when you buy them and try them out yourself. It is very comfortable to use when you apply it to your head. And once it has done, you can let them stay with you till the day ends and even after that.

How Tape-In Hair Extensions Will Provide You Satisfactory Result

Once you try tape-in hair extensions, you will realize how good these extensions are. They will satisfy you in several ways. You will feel free from any worries about your hair after having these extensions. So let's have a look to explore how tape-in hair extensions will provide you satisfactory results.

Hair Extension

Fee: The tape-in extensions method is the semi-permanent and least highly-priced hair extensions method. This approach can indeed pay for itself for the hair and application fee. The purpose for this is tape-in extensions are quick and easy to use compared to other strategies. Also, the cost is way lower than other semi-permanent strategies to maintain and care for tape-in extensions.

Preservation: The maintenance of tape-in hair extensions is the easiest and lowest to keep out of all semi-everlasting hair extension methods. The size of the panel makes it clean to manage like it is your original hair. Once you get the tape-in extensions set in your hair, you could manage them and deal with them as you would do with your very own hair until it is span to get retapped. The standard time among retapes is 6-8 weeks, and it depends on how speedy your hair will grow. If you take proper care of your extensions, you can reuse them for over a year.

Less Harm: Out of all semi-permanent hair extension approaches available on the market, tape-in hair extensions are the least destructive to your natural hair. The panels of these extensions are lightweight and do not pull on hair like different strategies and types do. The panels will grow out and hold it covered along with your hair. Tape-in hair extensions are easy to do away with different strategies, including fusion or stitch-in, which are known to pull on the hair and drive hair loss and harm. Because of the simple elimination procedure, tape-ins are the sole technique that shields hair and rises with it.

Universality: The tape in hair extensions is versatile because the opportunities are infinite when you wear them. There are countless extraordinary hairstyles that you can carry with tape in extensions, including an inflated ponytail. They are flexible and flow with your herbal hair for a beautiful finish. If you want an unbroken and convenient appearance, tape-in hair extensions are the best way to go with. 


Furthermore, there are endless benefits of tape in hair extensions that you buy at Chandra Hair. You can style your tape in hair extensions just like your natural hair. But you need to maintain your extension from time to time and take proper care of your hair. When you use a curling or flat iron or other hot tools in your hair, you should also use heat protection to protect your hair and the extensions from harsh disclosure. Instead, you should avoid the fastening points in your extensions while you shape your hair using heat.

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