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5 Reasons You Should Buy Transparent Lace Frontal From Chandrahair

Sep 28, 2022


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There are various kinds of lace wigs in the hair market, and transparent lace frontal is also a new kind of lace front wig. Even though all the girls or women seem to love these lace frontals, have you ever been amazed why they are so popular? Well, here you will know why these wigs are so popular. A transparent lace front wig is sewed with 3 or 4 human hair bundles in a lace frontal. It uses a transparent lace that is invisible and undetectable. We can use these on any skin naturally. This lace closure is typically made of French or Swiss lace, which is more commonly used for transparent lace extensions. The transparent lace closure is fragile lace and ventilated. Also, it is skinny, which will lay undetectable on the skin to look like your natural scalp. The best part of transparent lace frontal is that it drives for less obvious knots. You will be amazed to know this undetectable lace frontal is excellent for all skin tones. Each strand of hair is separately hand-tied to transparent lace, making the delusion of natural-looking hair.

Transparent Lace Frontal

Moreover, if you want to get these transparent lace frontals, you can buy them at Chandra Hair without any bothering. At Chandrahair, we use 100% Raw hair to make the wigs and the same hair as our bundles. At our site, you can choose from 13x4 and 13x6, plus all of our raw textures are also available. Chandrahair made a Natural hairline at the front, improving their construction method. The cost of the transparent lace frontals is also reasonable at our site. You can easily order your favorite lace frontals online at the Chandrahair site and get the home delivery with reasonable delivery charges. Here, you will get to know the five reasons you should buy a transparent lace frontal from Chandrahair.

 What Is A Transparent Lace Frontal

 A transparent lace frontal is sewed in a lace frontal with 3 or 4 human hair bundles. As it's clear from its name, it uses a transparent lace that is undetectable and invisible so that you can use it on any skin tone. Initially, there was a light brown lace for human hair wigs, but now the skills of lace wigs have improved.

While making the lace frontal, its appearance focuses more and more on people's convenience. There are two types of lace frontal: 13x4 transparent lace frontal and 13x6 transparent lace frontal. The difference between them is the width of the lace. You can choose a 13x6 lace frontal if you wish to part your wig for a lengthy pre-plucked hairline.

After knowing the difference, it is recommended that you choose the lace frontal according to your hair needs and one that can fit your budget. Whatever your hair condition and needs are, one transparent lace frontal can give you a more comfortable and natural look. That's why we suggest our customers go with one transparent lace frontal.

Transparent Lace Frontal hair

Why You Should Buy A Transparent Lace Frontal Wig From Chandrahair

If you have any doubts about the longevity and effectiveness of a transparent lace frontal, then we have assembled the most valuable factors that will assist in your decision-making. Here you will discover why you should opt for a transparent lace front wig from Chandrahair.

  • Transparent Lace- One of the numerous benefits that you will get from Chandrahair is that we offer the wig with its transparent lace. This thin lace remains invisible and integrates well with your skin, emerging all-natural. Transparent lace front wigs resemble a natural hairline that seems to be growing out of your scalp. Unlike different wigs that demand you to choose a shadiness according to your face, this wig fits all skin tones and gives fantastic results.

  • Made Of Real Hair- Another notable feature of transparent lace front wigs is that we make these wigs from natural hair. The hairs used in the wigs are collected from the donors, which increases the durability of the wigs. Real human hair wigs cause the transparent lace front wig user's favorite choice. It also prevents hair fall and shedding so that your wig can last long for a better extended period.

  • Various Styles to Pick From- Transparent wigs come in different styles that you can select according to your preferences. The different types include curly, straight, or wavy. Along with that, you also have the chance to pick your desirable parting style. These wigs also have various colors, letting you explore many other options before choosing your desired one.
    1. Flexibility- A transparent lace frontal wig is also prevalent because it is convenient to wear. You can effortlessly stretch it across the scalp without any hardship as it is highly flexible.
    1. Comfortability- Another plus point of our site's transparent lace frontal wigs is they are comfortable to wear. The materials employed in its manufacturing are of high quality and lightweight. So, you will be at ease and feel comfortable while wearing this wig.

    How To Install A Transparent Lace Frontal

    The transparent lace frontal is very easy to install as it is made up of customer convenience aspects. You can easily install it by following just a few steps. Let's look ahead to explore the steps to install it effectively.

    1. Clean your hair: Firstly, clean up your natural hair and braid it tightly. Then wear a lace cap near your skin color to protect your own hair.
    1. Wear the wig on your head: Choose the transparent lace frontal you shop for and wear it on your head. Adjust the position to fit the frontal on your head, and it should not be too tight or too loose. Whether it is too loose or tight, there will be the risk of a drop off from the head, and it will make your head uncomfortable. You can use the clips provided with the frontal lace wig to fix it stable.
    1. Trim the lace forehead carefully: Neatly, cut the extra lace along with your hairline. Now apply some liquid lace adhesive to fix your transparent lace frontal. Don't forget to make sure that you are using a clean makeup brush to apply the adhesive. And you should have to wait for a few minutes till it dries. It is transparent lace frontal, so it is easy to make it close to your skin with cosmetic makeup.
    1. Make some baby hair: For making it more natural than your own, you should make some baby hair. You can easily make some style of your baby hair by using your hairbrush. Then it is, of course, done. Now you are ready with your whole new look with transparent lace frontal. When you go out with your new appearance, everyone will notice the difference, but no one can find out that you are wearing a wig.
    Transparent Lace Frontal Hair

    How To Maintain The Transparent Lace Frontal

     You need to consider just a few things to take care of your transparent lace frontal. It not only preserves your money but also keeps you in a good mood.

    • Comb your transparent lace frontal wig gently with a wide comb that can pass your hair without tangling and avoid your regular brushes.
    • Take your wig off when you sleep at night and put it on the stand to keep it safe and in proper shape.
    • Regular shampoo is very harsh, which can damage the hair. That's why there are various wig-dedicated shampoo or conditioners available to wash the wig. So, whenever you want to wash your wig, use these products and avoid seawater or hot water.
    • After washing the frontal wig, please do not make any hairstyle until it gets dry; it will ruin your wig. Even our hair, if we want to make hairstyles, we should wait until the hair is dry after washing.
    • Do not try to dry the frontal wig with high temperatures. When the hair is wet, the inner part is different from dry hair, so using a high temperature will ruin the organization of the hair.
    • Keep the transparent lace frontal wig on the wig box or stand when you don't use it. It is the place to keep the hair dry and in good shape.

    How To Remove The Transparent Lace Frontal 

    Removing the transparent lace frontal is as easy as it's easy to install. You should melt the glue or adhesive on your head to remove it. You can use the hair products available, especially for their purpose. Wait for a few minutes until the glue is loose, then gently move the frontal from your head. Do not scrub your lace frontal with a strong force, or it will hurt your hair.


    Moreover, the transparent lace frontal wig is natural-looking in appearance, making it successfully achieve hair. A lace closure helps cover the top hair following the installation of channels below the top of your head. We hope you know well about transparent lace front wigs with the help of this report. Please try this wig if you want to grab your beauty and display it. No matter which face you have, you will surely get suitable wigs for you at our site.

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