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Key Things To Know About Micro Links Hair Extensions In 2022

Jul 05, 2022


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When you go to the hair extension market, mainly you search for fullness and added length, it can be a cinch. At present, there are various types of hair extensions in the market to count, each having its installment techniques and required level of maintenance. Sew-ins, clip-ins, and wigs with many frontals are just a few of the choices at your disposal. But another hair extension approach has become immensely popular, known as micro-links. So do you know what precisely the micro-links are? While scrolling, you may have noticed videos on Instagram or Tik-Tok, folks running their fingers via what seems like their own hair until they unveil the tiny bundles held jointly by tinier tubes at the scalps; those are micro-links. These hair extensions are set just at the roots of hairs to give you leisure access to your scalp.

Furthermore, this technique has gained popularity on a wide scale for being a natural-looking extension option for those who want to feel their natural hair. In a world full of sew-ins and wigs, micro-links are a distinct way to wear hair extensions. Most people wearing micro-links do not reveal that they are wearing them because they feel and look so natural. So before you get some, here we describe everything you need to know — including cost and care tips. For your convenience, Our team at Chandra Hair is here to tell you why micro bead weft hair extensions are the way to go. Here's everything you need to know about the technique to determine if it might work for you. First, you need to explore the critical points of micro links hair extensions. Let's have a look below!

What Are Micro-Links, And What Kind Of Hair Can You Use?

Before you go with micro links extensions, you must know about what it actually is. Basically, there are two main types of micro-link hair extensions which the first is i-tips, and the other is wefts. Generally, micro links can be classified as any type of hair extension method, attached with a microbead or a microtube. Typically these microbeads are made of copper or aluminum and coated with black and brown ink. And that's why it seamlessly blends with your natural hair color, giving you the ultimate natural look. The installation of the weft method involves using microbeads to attach tracks of hair to your head. Besides, the i-tip method requires attaching small extensions or i-tipped hair to tiny sections of your natural hair using a microbead or microtube.

Though most micro-link videos tend to feature straight or wavy textures, there are curly and kinky micro links options also exist. It was not always like this, but because of the higher demand from people for these styles and textures, it becomes more accessible than ever to find a perfect match for your natural hair. Here at Chandra Hair, you can get precisely what you want because we also have alternatives for more flexible curls and tighter waves and curls. We recommend this particular brand to our clients when they ask us for any recommendations because the quality of these extensions is top-notch that will never disappoint you for sure.

Is Micro-Links Suitable For You Or Not? 

If you are going to get the micro-link hair extension, you must first know whether it is a convenient option for you or not. So you can install this style regardless of your hair consistency, but make sure your actual hair has been long enough, and your scalp must be in good health. But if you are struggling with excessive shedding or hair loss, you should likely consider another technique. These extensions are also prominent because they allow for free movement of the hair and styling flexibility. But, if you are not used to devouring a fair amount of time managing your own hair, this likely is not the fit style for you. Plus, it is not the right fit for you if you don't like to commit to supervision or come into the salon to know about getting your hair done.

How To Install Micro-Links Hair Extension

The installation procedure for micro-link extensions can change based on the client's needs, the desired volume, or the length they are looking for. Each method of installing requires a distinct technique. For the weft method, we will need to take small sections of the hair, apply the bead, and then connect the weft to that. There is also the i-tip method for installation in which work is done with the small pieces of hair. The process of binding the beads is around the same. The stylist attaches the microbeads with the i-tip extension to the natural hair using hair pliers. When the stylist applies the i-tip, they use to sections  20 to 30 hair strands each, gliding it through the bead. Then, they add the hair extension and link it all together. The hairstylist describes that if you are looking for volume and adding just a few extensions, approximately 75 to 100 pieces, the procedure can take two to three hours. But if you are looking for an additional length or full head of hair, you can expect to be in the chair for about up to eight hours.

How You Can Take Care Of Micro-Link Extensions

There are plenty of things to keep in mind after having micro-link extensions. Though they are a terrific way to upgrade your look, please note they do not estimate as a low-maintenance shielding style. It requires genuine care, and you have to be active about maintenance between touch-ups, and it can only be done at home or a salon. It is recommended to brush twice every day for straight and wavy textures to minimize monster snarls and tangles. Whether it is any type of hair, the more we don't detangle it or brush it throughout the day, the more destructive it gets.

As for shampooing, a significant focus of the practice is making sure you don't entangle the hair during the washing stage. You can section your hair into four parts for the best result and apply shampoo in each section. But you can't use circular motions for scalp massage because it can disarray the i-tips and make detangling more difficult. Instead, it would help scrub the scalp horizontally to eliminate product buildup and operate the shampoo onto the extension in an up-down motion. 

You can either plop or braid the hair into a messy bun at night and use a bonnet or satin scarf to keep it protected. It is not recommended to sleep with your hair out because that can harm the hair quality or make detangling a headache. As for products, the stylists recommend that we use anything that is sulfate-free. It also says to avoid alcohol and parabens because they can tend our hairs to dry out.

When Do You Need To Get Micro-Links Reinstalled?

The timing of your reinstallation or frequency of your touch-ups can be different. But the best schedule of reinstallation of micro links is every four to six weeks, but ultimately it is up to your choice. The process of regular treatment of reinstallation micro-link is just shampooing your hair, then readjusting the beads as required, and styling your hair. Besides, if you want a relaxer touch-up or color change or any more profound treatment is needed, then the style will need to be taken down and completely reinstalled.

Here we suggest our customers reinstall their micro links every four, six, or eight weeks for the readjustments. In addition, we offer tightening services depending on what is required and how the hair looks. The best part of these hair extensions is the lifespan, especially with straight or waiver textures except for curly and kinky textures, as they can have a shorter lifespan, unfortunately. So you can reuse your hair extensions for up to a year or even three with straight or waiver textures.

The Cost Of Micro-Link Extensions

In comparison to other hair extensions, micro-links cost a pretty penny. Well, it depends on the stylist; always remember that you are paying for the hair extensions and the service as well. Most stylists offer hair, while others ask you to buy your own ahead of the install appointment. The cost of your extension will ultimately depend on the length and density you desire. You can get good services and the best quality hair extensions at a very reasonable price. Make sure not to pay as much as is required and save your coins if you plan on getting these extensions.


Moreover, the micro-links hair extensions play a vital role in the hair extension game. Its introduction to the mainstream gives inhabitants other options in the transformation of the hair. You can get the impression of longer and more voluminous hair with this technique without losing the capability to wash and style as you please. So you don't need to spend so much time thinking as it is definitely a never disappointing process. Consider consulting with us at Chandra Hair to know further about that as we are always ready to help you.

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