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7 Reasons Why People Love Clip In Hair Extensions

Jun 21, 2022


gael farjon

They are having difficulty growing their natural hair or regretting why they got a haircut? Most of the girls find these the most significant problems of their lives. Or some may want to have something to rock both long and short hair whenever they want. But how it can be possible to get the cut hair back or get long hair in just a night. Then what can be the solution for such problems? Don't you know? Don't be fret! We have brought the solution for all the girls looking for something to eliminate this. Now you will be curious what it may be that can solve your problem in just a matter of minutes. The answer is hair extensions! Of course, yes, hair extensions are an excellent source for short-haired ladies to get long hair whenever they want.

Without inducing any harm to your natural hair, hair extensions and wigs are a great way to add consistency to thin and fine hair. There are so many hair extensions available in the market that can give you the joy of long hair and enhance your overall look. Now you may be thinking about what extension is best for you and which one you should pick for your short hair. Well, the best hair extensions are those that blend in well with your natural hair. It will be better to consider temporary methods of hair extensions like clip-in hair extensions. Clip-in hair extensions are best as they can quickly be taken out and clipped back in when needed. It does not only make your hair extensions last longer but will also be less damaging for your natural hair. Today we have brought seven reasons why people love clip-in hair extensions. To learn more, scroll down and explore why it can be right for you. But before jumping to the reason, let you know what clip-in hair extensions are.

What Are Clip-In Hair Extensions

Clip-in hair extensions are the perfect solution if you are looking to get thicker and longer hair instantly, without annoyance and long-term commitment, or even without breaking the bank. Clip-in hair extension is the fastest and safest way to get long and thick hair in just a few moments. Clip-in hair extension is the easiest method because the wefts come with the clips already attached. From which, you can take the wefts out and easily clip them into your hair by yourself. You are not supposed to spend any additional costs, time, or professional help.

Moreover, clip-in hair extensions are an investment, and it would be best if you were able to use them more than once. So it is a must to keep them in good condition and take proper care to maintain them. It would be best to treat them as you would your natural hair for maximum longevity. For example, when using heat styling, use a hair protector, and be sure to wash and condition them a day before the event. Brush them out before and after wearing them. When not used, lay them flat and store them in a box. If you take excellent care of your clip-in hair extensions, they can last up to 12 months.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Does Not Damage Your Hair

Whether you want your waves to be more extended and fuller or want to add some highlights on your natural hair simply, clip-in hair extensions can help you achieve that. But when it comes to hair extensions, the type and application methods matter the most. Some more permanent hair extensions may damage your hair because of the gluing, bonding, and pulling on the hair. But clip-in hair extensions cause absolutely no damage to your hair and are way less risky than the permanent kind. Clip-in hair extensions are the least harmful option as they are clipped into your hair like any regular hair clip. In addition, since you are not sleeping with the extensions or wearing them non-stop for an extended period, it reduces the amount of pulling and stress on your hair, which results in healthier hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Are Easy To Install

Another thing women like the most about clip-in hair extensions is installing them. Clip-in hair extensions are the fastest and easy method that can take you less than 10 minutes with a little bit of practice. You can snap the clips open and clip them close to the roots of your hair, and they will stay securely in your hair without showing. You can also see multiple step-by-step tutorials to clip in hair extensions if you are a beginner. Without long-term commitment, you can instantly go from short to long hair without damaging your natural hair.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Can Fit Your Pocket

You can find the clip-in hair extensions at a price that can perfectly fit your pocket. It may be expected to pay anywhere from $60 to $85 for synthetic clip-in hair extensions and human hair extensions from $100 to $500. But we highly recommend our customers to purchase natural human hair extensions as they are of much higher quality than synthetic hair extensions. It is because you can style and wash them just like your natural hair. You can buy clip-in hair extensions online at Chandra Hair's official website. It is one of the fastest, easiest, that will offer you the best product at very affordable prices and ship your products right to your door.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Have A Longer Lifespan

The lifespan of clip-in extensions will depend on how well you treat your extension and take care of them. It also depends on the products you use on them and how often you wear them. With the proper care and regular wear, clip-in hair extensions can last from 3 to 6 months up to a year. To preserve and extend the life duration of your clip in hair extensions, we suggest only using a lower heat setting of 120C/250F. Because anything higher conducts the risk of damaging the hair, using a low heat setting will prolong the lifespan of your extensions.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Are Available In Different Shades

Clip-in hair extensions are available in several shades and styles to choose from. From Black to Red and from Ombre to Pink, you can pick anyone who suits you well and fits your personality. Our extensions at Chandra Hair are made with a multi-tonal adapted coloring system that means fine highlights and lowlights, lighter and darker strands throughout each set. It provides the depth, shades movement, and dimension to the extensions. Besides, it ensures that the wings integrate with your natural hair, even if your hair color is a few shades off.

You Can Style Clip In Hair Extensions However You Want

When you get bored with your regular hairstyle, you can switch to the new one with clip-in hair extensions. You can style clip-in hair extensions in a variety of different ways. From bun to the ponytail, or braid to curls, the options are endless in which you can style clip-in hair extensions. It does not only help you create a thicker and longer hairstyle and add a pop of color to a particular look. You can also curl, straighten, and blow-dry, just like your own natural hair. But we suggest always using a heat protectant spray or natural heat protectant before styling your set.

Clip-In Hair Extensions Is Completely Undetectable By Others

The clip-in hair extensions are virtually undetectable once your hair extensions are clipped in properly. The base used in the clip in extension each weft is thin and flat. All wefts come with sturdy clips with a silicone grip to keep each weft in place. The wefts are clipped between layers of your natural hair to blend naturally and seamlessly. When you go out with these extensions, they look natural. No one will be able to identify that you are wearing extensions. Everyone will see the change, but no one can find the secret without your fantastic hair.


Furthermore, clip-in hair extensions are a popular choice among women worldwide. The benefits of clip-in hair extensions seem endless, including wearing them anytime you want. You have to take proper care of your extension and keep them well. Compared to other hair wigs, human hair clip-in hair extensions have a natural look and shine. When you apply for their extensions, people start to wonder how you suddenly got much more prolonged, thicker hair and surely would not be able to assume anyhow that you are wearing extensions. The clip-in hair extensions are suitable for all hair types and head shapes, perfectly integrate your natural look, and offer you that extra volume you want. However, we recommend our customers remove them every night before bed, as they are only meant to be worn daily. We do not recommend you to wear your extensions while sleeping, showering, or doing other physical activity. Undoubtedly it is the most comfortable extension method that can boost your overall look. Once you decide to go with clip-in hair extensions, you will never regret it.

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