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10 Ideas For Micro Links Extensions

Jul 13, 2022


gael farjon

We all believe that hair is the mirror of a woman's personality. It is because we take care of their hair and their beauty practically always and this year's trends confirm it for us. For decades, hair additives like weaves, detachable ponytails, and clip-ins have given us variety and styling flexibility. They turn thin hair thick, make limp hair voluminous, and add inches for the people who struggle to retain length. The past hairstylists and their clients were not so honest about what exactly went into improving their looks, but luckily that has changed in recent years. Microlink extensions are not new here, and high-end salons have provided the service for years. But they are gaining mainstream popularity as the latest underground beauty trend comes to the forefront.

Whether you want to add additional length or volume or even try a new hair color, micro link extension is a unique method that quickly rises in popularity. Multiple top hairstylists have even commenced adding this procedure to their list of amenity services. As we expressed earlier, micro-links have been around for over a decade. Still, experts agree that the procedure is becoming a preferred option for women today who look to have more versatility within their hairstyles. Today we are here to describe the best ideas for micro link extensions that will surely fulfill your desire for long and thick hair. But before heading to the main ideas for micro link extensions, why don't you look first at what micro links extensions actually are? And how they can effectively change your overall look.

Why You Should Get Microlink Hair Extensions

Whether you are looking for something to add volume to your hair or just want to try out some new hairstyles without permanently altering your hair, we would definitely suggest you tug on micro link extensions. Micro links extensions can be beneficial if you are transitioning your hair. Besides, even if you are a seasoned extensions wearer who wants to ease into styling your natural hair, it can be perfect. Micro links easily trump all for a natural feel and look. They are not for the fainthearted and can be just as challenging as the natural hair in terms of maintenance.

Here are the micro link extensions with all their perfect and beautiful variations. The micro link extensions are here to take care of us to have thick, voluminous, and shiny hair. In addition, micro links hair extensions are suitable for almost anyone. Any individual can consider micro links as an alternative to scalp sensitivity when receiving braids but loves wearing hair extensions. And especially those looking to achieve more length, density, color dimension, or fill in those unwanted spaces that may have resulted from a bad cut or stress.

Microlink Extension Is Much More Than A Trend

Let's find out more about this trend before getting the idea of micro link extensions to be inspired for our hair looks. It is really a must for you if you want to focus everything on the hair as a beauty tool. If we talk about the micro link, its functionality is already partially revealed by its name. It is about hair strands that are added to the natural ones and allow you to have thick and extra-long hair in our image and likeness. The real revolution lies in the application using micro links, small rings that support the elongation.

The locks of hair are tucked inside these rings, which will then be tightened, guaranteeing a natural, rich and voluminous result. The absolute novelty of this trend lies in the fact that, although the technique is more meticulous and therefore requires the presence of skilled and expert hands, it is much less invasive for our hair. Without glue for fixing or other adhesive substances, micro link extensions are not a source of stress for your hair. The final natural effect is also guaranteed, as revealed in the first idea. Let's explore some ideas for micro link extensions that will make you fall in love with them.

Every Curl Is A Whimsy

If you are stuck with the idea of having new, thick, and rich hair, then wait until you see these ideas of micro link extensions that will immediately make you want to give in to this beautiful temptation. Let's start with the curly hair cross and delight of all women. Curly hair is very indomitable, as wonderfully beautiful to look at and touch, which is why many people prefer to opt for a shortcut. It is undoubtedly easier to manage and takes less time to organize. But these examples of micro link extensions will make you think again. Therefore, it is like a dream come true to have thick and very long hair, even for all women who have always preferred the shortcut to the long one. Getting it is effortless, thanks to the latest technique. Furthermore, the natural effects are always guaranteed, as the ideas of micro link extensions demonstrate.

The Natural Effect Just Like Your Own

It is precisely the naturalness of the final effect of micro link extension that its technique guarantees. If you want an extension just like your natural hair, it is a fact that you can find it too in micro link extensions. As you can see in this idea, the locks are inserted evenly over the head, thus obtaining a natural, complete, and truly perfect effect. The micro links can be positioned following the natural growth of the foliage or according to your needs.

Microlink Extensions On Straight Hair

Straight hair is something that most girls prefer, no matter what the occasion is. It is the most straightforward and decent hairstyle that can perfectly express your personality. And it is best for girls who like straight hair that you can have extensions in the form of micro links. Even those with smooth hair can get extraordinary results on the hair look through this application. The examples of micro link extensions show us how this treatment can make straight hair genuinely enviable.

A Perfect Hairstyle With A Strong And Healthy Appearance

Perfect hair with a solid and healthy appearance is ideal for most women. Application of the extension according to the micro link technique represents the best solution for this. So it is an excellent idea for those who have always wanted to have long hair, indeed extra long. Whether you want a freestyle or a ponytail, these extensions are enough to give you the desired look.

A Natural Addition To Your Hair Without Any Damage

As we have seen so far, the ideas for micro link extensions can help you make the most of your hair looks. Plus, it gives you back thick and healthy hair of the length that you like to own. Whatever style you carry, the micro link extension does not damage your natural hair at all. And the natural effect is always guaranteed, even on dyed hair.

Always Try New Hairstyles And Hair Looks

Thanks to the application of the micro link extensions, it becomes possible to give a new life to your hair that favors many and unprecedented interpretations. We can invariably create different hairstyles based on the length and show off our best looks. In addition, you can try out the hairstyle that you find most sophisticated with your natural hair with micro link extensions.

Dyed Microlink Extension With The Degrade

Degrade, the most popular trend of recent times in terms of hairstyle, you can obtain precisely with the application of dyed locks. In simple words, with the application of micro links extensions, you can also dare to change the color of your hair. And the result you get back will be shiny and soft hair for sure. Microlink extensions are available in different colors and textures to quickly get and style without spending too much time and effort.

You Can Carry All The Looks You Want

From long to short, from curly to straight, micro link extensions allow you to play with your hair. If it does not seem enough for you, you can bleach or make it more colorful as you are willing to do. At the same time, take care of it thanks to a non-invasive method such as micro links. It guarantees you healthy hair and creates looks in our image and likeness. Because as we have already said, hair is the mirror of the soul.


Overall, micro-links have been in the hair extension game for a while. Their introduction to the mainstream gives folks other options to transform their hair. With the micro link extension, you can obtain the impression of more lengthy and voluminous hair without yielding the ability to wash and style as you please. So you don't need to overthink about these, switch on as soon as possible for you as it is never a disappointing process. If you have any doubt or need any suggestions, never hesitate to talk with us on Chandra Hair, as it's our pleasure to help you.

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