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How to Extend Life of Indian Hair Extensions?

Oct 12, 2018


gael farjon

Hair extensions are quite commonly used these days by many people. The actual purpose of using Indian hair extension is to increase length and volume of the hair. Those, who have thin or fragile hair, can surely hide the imperfections with perfectly chosen hair extension. Different kinds of clip-in hair extensions are available at the marketplace. Some of the products are imported from different parts of the globe.

Some hair extensions are manufactured in India. People generally perceive that Indian hair extensions are lesser durable since they come at low price. Well, some products are lesser durable indeed. But, there are some products which are amazingly durable. Nevertheless, you can follow some maintenance tips or tricks for your Indian hair extensions in order to enhance their durability.

Let us have a look through the best care tips for your hair extensions –

    1. Select the Right Hair Extensions

      Your hair extensions do not feature longevity, as they are not compatible with your hairstyle. You need to select a perfect hair extension. The method to select the right clip-in extension for hair is to go for the trial and error method. You need to check the comfort level when you attach clip-in extension to your hair. Ideally, hair extension should provide you perfect comfort. It should feel like nothing attached to your hair. If that standard of comfort has not achieved, your search for the right hair extension should go on.

        2. Cleansing and Hydrating

          Over cleaning of hair extension is harmful for the product. Similarly, not cleaning hair extension on regular basis can lead to damages to the product. So, you need to clean the extension properly and regularly. For regular cleaning, you need to choose chemical free shampoo and condition. To protect hair extension from losing its sheen, you need good quality conditioner which has to be applied by following proper guidelines. Regular cleaning will keep your hair dirt free and perfectly shiny as well as gorgeous.

            3. Brushing and Combing the Extensions

              In order to enhance life span of the hair extensions, you need to do brushing and combing on regular basis. Brushing hair extension is essential to keep the hair prevented from formation of knots. For combing, it is always recommended that one should use wooden combs. Having these combs will ensure least damage to hair extension, when you are performing the combing job.

                4. Do Not Overdo Anything

                  You should not overdo anything, when it comes to using the hair extensions. Over brushing or combing could be harmful. Nevertheless, cleansing the hair extension on daily basis would lead to damage to the extension. Over cleansing can eventually lead to damage to texture of the hair.

                    5. No Need to Use Oil

                      Oil is required for scalp, not hair. Oiling the hair extensions can make the hair to appear sticky. The natural shine and volume of the extension hair will be lost due to oiling. Thus, you should avoid oiling your hair extension as much as possible. Taking care of the hair extension is important. If you follow these tips, your Indian hair extension will definitely provide you long term services.

                      Hair extensions are a very important part of your hair styling which must be taken extensive care in order to maximum life of hair extensions and flaunt your shining hairs with amazing desired styles.

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