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10 Best Indian Curly Hair Tips for Beginners

Nov 07, 2018


gael farjon

Curly hair is a boon and it really looks beautiful if managed properly. But as we know it is quite difficult to detangle that messed up hair in the morning, especially when we are in a hurry to reach the office at sharp 10 A.M. When it comes to Indian curly hair weaves, they are expensive and outstandingly beautiful. Won’t you praise someone who has natural curly hair with that awesome bounciness? Let’s discuss some tips below that can help you to manage your curly hair:

1. Avoid using heating tools

Stop using the hair dryer or blower every day. Avoid any kind of heating appliances because they will take away the moisture from your hair and make it rough and messed up. The hair straightener is a big NO NO as well. Of course, you will use it, but not on regular basis or during the initial days.

2. Use of silicone free shampoo for the last cleansing

Using a silicone free shampoo is a good option for curly hair. Serums and conditioners are not a good choice for Indian curly hair.

3. Get a moisturizing and slippery conditioner

Use a good quality branded conditioner to keep your hair silky. After you finish shampooing the hair, you should divide it into sections and apply the conditioner. Apply it from top to bottom.

4. Finger detangle

You should use your finger for removing the knots. Start from the bottom of the hair and then move upwards. If you use a creamy conditioner that has good slip, this can be accomplished easily.

5. Using a wide-tooth comb is necessary

Using a wide-tooth comb can help you to remove the knots in a gentle way. This will also help to keep the curls defined and proper.

6. Leave the conditioner on your hair for minimum 5 minutes

Do not wash out the hair conditioner within a minute of applying it. Let it rest for minimum 5 mins while you complete rest of the shower. You can even rinse a part of the conditioner because that helps to keep the hair untangled and moisturized.

7. Plop the hair

This step can actually make your hair look bouncy. It adds bouncier curls to the raw curly hair wig. It also helps to keep the curly Indian hair wig safely tucked away when you just finish putting on your makeup and wearing your clothes.

8. Protect the hair curls at night

Usually, curly Indian raw hair gets tangled easily at night. Turning and tossing on the bed can mess up and tangle the hair. You can avoid this with the help of a satin cap. Using a satin pillow can also be a preferable option as well.

9. Refresh the curls each morning

You can make the hair curls last longer by reviving them with a mixture of conditional water and oil.

10. Deep conditioning is essential at least once a week

Using natural conditioner is always a better choice. And, if you can make DIY conditioner at home, then definitely it will be an added bonus. Use it once every week.

The aforementioned tips for maintaining curly Indian hair will definitely help you if you are planning to purchase the curly human hair wig. This kind of hair weave lasts long and imparts a beautiful look to the user. Using the tips shared above will make it easy for you to manage the curly hair weaves without hassle. Indian curly hair wigs are available online. They come in multiple color, size and types. Purchase the one which fits your skin tone and imparts that beautiful glamorous look.

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