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How To Choose The Best Raw Indian Hair

Jul 26, 2018


gael farjon

As the women are indulging more into fashion, they want their hair to look perfect. Someday we want long hair, someday short, or sometimes we crave for curls, and sometimes we feel if we would have perfect straight hair. The all new cravings for hair types is normal, so you don’t need to think if you are overthinking. Due to human nature, so our choices can change anytime and anyday. So, women like to do experiments with their hair look, as hair plays the major role in our outlook.

If we talk about hair wigs, the very first type and obviously the best kind of hair strikes our mind, is “Raw Indian Hair”. Raw Indian Hair is popular and indeed the best hair type because of its length, texture, and softness. It is not only bouncy and naturally airy, but also can be styled easily. The Raw Indian hair tends to dry into beautiful textures which ranges from a straight to very wavy, although it straightens and curls very easily. Due to so many benefits and easiness of this hair type, the ladies often get confused between what to choose and what not. It can be a confusing world of hair types when you're looking for the perfect addition to your hairstyle.So, in order to sort out all queries and confusion, Chandra Hair has come up with some suggestions on choosing the best Raw Indian Hair, which is like this:

  • Choose the extensions or wig type according to your hair type. This means that you need to analyse the natural hair type and then get to choose between the varied varieties of Raw Indian Hair. If you plan on leaving some of your hair out and blending it with the weave, that may determine what type of hair you get as well. Put the extensions with the colours, which can match your hair or blend with your hair truly.

  • Get to choose the texture of wig and extensions which can match your natural hair texture. If you have straight hair, and you choose deep curls, that can look weird or maybe unnatural. So, it is suggested that if you choose the texture, make sure it blends with your natural hair and look the best. The hair can be thick, heavy, wavy and full – a good option if you like to wear Raw Indian Hair because multiple looks can be achieved with this hair type.


  • Opt for the ideal length of the hair. This means that you should measure your natural hair length, and accordingly choose the length of Raw Indian Hair wig, which can blend and go with your natural hair to its best. The range of this hair type varies from 10 to 30 inches long. As far as hair extensions go, Indian hair is truly the most versatile and offers the most styling options for those who want to create a variety of styles. 


  • If you wish to wear opposite hair pattern, you can do that also. If you have natural curly hair and want to wear natural straight hair, then you need to straighten your natural hair so that it blends well and look the most beautiful hair. And if you wish to wear curly hair and have straight or wavy hair, then you need to curl up your natural hair with curling rod, to achieve the most desired look.


  • Choose volume according to your natural capacity. If you own a decent volume of hair, then your hair is able to hold decent extensions and wigs. But if you have thick and voluminous hair, then there is no point adding extra extensions or voluminous wig to your hair.

Raw Indian Hair is sought after quite a bit because of its multi-purpose texture. So if you wish to buy the best hair, then you can simply order in bulk at Chandra Hair. Order to get the satisfaction now!

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