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Top Hair Care Tips For Rainy Season

Aug 03, 2018


gael farjon

Everyone loves rain and the mood this weather lifts up, is invincible. You often like to enjoy the weather with hair opened and swinging free like life. But with a relief, rain brings risks of hair damage and infections too with it. The weather is sticky and brings a lot of humidity with it, resulting in breakage of hair and dryness of scalp. Also, you cannot do your hair according to your outfit, as it always seems stick and oily in this weather. But worry not, don’t let down yourself for just hair. Okay, so still worrying what do to next? Here’s a list of top hair care tips for rainy season, to get the natural and perfect hair back. These tips can do real wonders to your hair:

  • Every time you shampoo your hair, a conditioner along with it, is a must. Rainy season causes humidity to your head locks, especially in curls. So in order to control this, you must use shampoo and conditioner to maintain the hair quality and get rid of frizzy hair. Keep the conditioner on for 5 minutes and rinse it off with water and sulphate-free shampoo (yes, you read right, you can apply conditioner before shampoo to get the best result). Remember, use best quality shampoo and conditioner twice a week, if you really want to care for your hair.

  • Always apply hair oil before and even after shampooing your hair. Hair Oil helps in preconditioning your hair and controls the frizz which happens after you wash it. It is known to work wonders if you apply it after shampoo too. Hair oil can vanish away the dryness of your scalp and split ends, by boosting the moisture in your hair which revitalizes dry strands. So try rich quality oils to nourish your hair just like your child.

  • Keep your hair open and hold off tying during monsoon. If hair is tied properly, it bounds the strands in a good and hassle-free manner. But if you keep them tied in monsoon, then you’re inviting rain water to hibernate in your hair, which in turn will make it frizzier and limper. So try not to experiment with your much, and let them enjoy freedom in monsoon, just like birds fly freely.

  • Make sure that your hair remains dry in the rainy season. While you may enjoy rains like a free bird, you should also remember that you are not only inviting wetness to your hair but also dirt and acid, which is really bad for your hair. This can make you scratch your head every time the dirt touches your scalp. So avoid getting out in rain, in order to save your hair from getting damaged and dull.

  • Do not even try to touch your comb to your hair when it is wet. Combing your hair could be a good solution for keeping good care of it but if it is wet then it can turn dangerous to your beautiful hair, as it will promote tangling and shedding of your hair rapidly. You have to own a right comb, so that it may not only detangle your hair but also condition your hair well.

  • Using waterproof can be a good option. Rainy days might be good for cuddling and staying in bed. But when you’re out and about, make sure your hair is protected from the rain. So it is advised that if you wish to go out, you should protect your head by wearing hoodies and raincoats.

  • Wear a hair accessory. Keeping your hair moisturized and healthy can be done easily if you use scarfs or hairbands to cover your head from the dirt and acid.

  • Eat healthy to keep your hair healthy. A good diet can entirely change the texture of your hair in a positive way, whereas junk food can lead to hair thinning and shedding. Eat protein rich food, fresh fruits, leafy vegetables, wholegrains and drink plenty of water as much as you can.
The above tips are by Chandra Hair, your wholesale hair extension partner! Try these methods, to get the best results of hair during monsoon.

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