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How to Install Clip-In Extensions on Natural Hair?

Jul 17, 2018


gael farjon

If you wish to look the most realistic and natural with your hair, then you must know that clip-in extensions can play a cupid role to you. No matter what your hair type is, it’s nice to switch up your style and rock some sassy clip-in natural hair extensions. Clip-ins not only allow you to get the colour and length you want without damaging your own hair but also extremely easy to install, that you can do it yourself without any tools or special education necessary.

So we know how it all goes - we want to chop our hair off, but then we want it all back the next day. What to do then? The answer is simple and quick: Add clip-in hair extensions, with which you can enjoy the best of both worlds - short hair and long hair - with absolutely no commitment and no damage to your own hair. So Chandra Hair has come up with its absolutely worthy Clip-in extensions instalments steps. If you wonder about transforming your short hair into beautiful long luscious locks and still make it look natural, then keep reading the following steps to add the naturalness and beauty to you:

Step 1: The clip-in extension you choose must match with your hair in majority. This means that you need to see if the colour is in resilience with your natural hair or not. To keep it simple and natural you need to use straightening iron for natural straight hair and curling iron for wavy and curly hair. After the hair come to its natural sense, it’s easy for you to make out if the clip-in extensions you choose are perfect for your hair or not.

Step 2: Protect your hair from damaging tools. Use either coconut or argon oil before straightening your hair as applying a dime-sized amount of a heat-protecting product like Argon oil prior to styling.

Step 3: Make a partition of your hair. Divide the hair into two parts, that is, divide the front and back section, by clipping up the front section and let the back section remain free and open.And if your hair is thin and damaged, then push up your roots by combing in the opposite direction, i.e., tease the lower half in one-inch sections. This will help keep the extensions securely in place.

Step 4: Prepare the clips-ins as well as your hair for installation. Open the clips of the extensions, and place them accurately, if you want to play safe- use rubber to create small ponytails to give the clips-ins a strong base. Snap them close to your hair, as you hear the sound, you would become more comfortable. Make sure, you brush or comb your hair with extensions after every clipping.This allows for a smooth transition from your hair to the extensions that' s virtually undetectable.

Step 5: Keep covering your head with clip-ins till it looks natural. Begin with one of the medium-sized wefts for the area just above the nape, and then continue with more of the extensions to cover your head. The longest weft should be reserved for the upper back of the crown, where there is a lot of area to cover. Continue with the sides and the top of the hair until you get to the line where your natural hair meets the weft.

Step 6: Release your front clipped-hair and blend it with the clip-in extensions to its fullest.You can now style your hair, making beautiful braids, ponytails or bun hairstyles. You can even put sassy headbands and hair clips to give yourself a fairy-touch. Style your hair any way but be cautious to not pull, yank, or break your hair.

The above instructions of clip-in installation is by your wholesale hair partner- Chandra Hair! You can order the best hair extensions from here now!

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