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5 Ways To Apply for Weft Hair Extension With Beads

Sep 14, 2022


gael farjon

You may have seen various celebrities and models use weft hair extensions to make their hair look thick and long. Therefore, as a female, you want to look like a celebrity, and due to season changes, you suffer from hair loss and damage, making your hair look frizzy. Hence, you do not have to worry; our site will provide natural and best quality weft hair extensions with beads. You have to visit our website and select a suitable weft hair extension, and you will get the extension delivered at your doorsteps in a few days. Moreover, when you have long and thick hair, you can style whatever you want; that is why weft hair extensions offer you various hairstyles. You can style beads to make you look bold and more gorgeous. Various companies sell weft hair extensions at a low price, but we give high-quality hair that enriches your whole personality because hair is what makes you who you are. We will give you various options and products to find the right hair type and color for you. We provide a complete description of our extensions, including an actual image of the product so that you can choose an appropriate weft hair extension. We want you to look unique and stand out from the crowd, so we don't sell conventional items; instead, we attempt to present fresh trends and designs that will keep you in the spotlight at all times. Wefts of hair extension are excellent for adding volume to your hair.

Weft extensions are extensions that have been sewed together to form a tiny bundle. The hair is then put through a machine, reinforcing the stitch near the root of each hair on your head, creating a seamless appearance. These extensions have become a popular option to boost your hair's volume and appearance. Mostly everyone who has lost their hair said they would rather have more hair than money or friends if you're having trouble deciding which hair-tied extension to purchase. 

Beaded Hair Extensions (also called Micro Bead) is an application method that entails utilizing a small bead to join small portions of hair to your weft hair extensions. This bead is then treated to attach your natural hair to your weft hair extension securely and seamlessly. Your weft extensions will need to be moved up or relocated as your hair grows; it is recommended that you contact your hairstylist every 4-6 weeks for regular maintenance so that your hair extensions look their best! Beaded weft hair extensions are well-known for their ability to create believable movement in the hair (for a natural look) as well as their durability. For many folks, they're unquestionably their preferred technique of application! Therefore, if you ever need a weft hair extension to explore a new hairstyle and make yourself look young and bold by changing your hairstyle every day, buy a weft hair extension from the most trusted and popular website that deals every kind of hair product online, Chandra's hair. Visit our website; we will provide you fantastic collection of every hair extension, including weft hair extensions. Moreover, we provide you with some blogs about getting the best hairstyle and how you can use various extensions and try new looks every day. Therefore, we will discuss some unique hairstyles and looks you should try once you buy our weft hair extension.

Use Strand By Strand Method For Hair Extension With Beads

A heating element is used to adhere bonded strand by strand to the hair. Your hair is rolled into the Keratin glue and glued between the U-tips with a hot extension tool that melts the Keratin adhesive. The ideal connections are those linked near the root but allow for some movement. Between 100 and 150 strands are used in volume applications, while 300 strands are needed for length applications. The number of strands used is determined by the amount and length of the wearer's natural hair and the desired look and length. Approximately 20–40 strands are used in the strand by strand procedure, joined at one end using a glue bond/keratin or polyurethane. Strand by strand extensions is glued to petite wearer's hair sections via a warm (heated) or cold fusion method (copper cylinders and plyers). Keratin bonds, you or nail tips, flat tip or micro connections, and nanoring are all terms used to describe strand-by-strand systems. If you try this method, it will enhance your facial looks and make you more confident, and there is no harm in trying various hairstyles. If you do not like this method, you can try another, but we are sure that you will look gorgeous in this hairstyle, but look at some other methods and styles you can try.

Cold Fusion Or Micro Links Method

As a hair extension method, small portions of your hair are pulled through a small cylinder/bead/lock and clamped shut with plyers. To prevent your natural hair from breaking, reputable providers employ copper cylinders lined with silicone. The hair glides more naturally since the weft hair extensions are individual strands. Using this approach will be easy because you will not need to use any adhesive or heat, and your hair will be safe and healthy for the rest of your life. Hair is reusable, and an experienced technician can repair any extensions that have fallen down or off in approximately an hour. However, you may have to face some drawbacks of this hairstyle which we will avoid. With a national average application time of 4-6 hours, professional stylists can complete in 2-3 hours, and it is one of the swift methods of hair extensions. If beads or locks are not positioned correctly, they will be visible and will slip more quickly than any other approach. The attachment points are copper, making them hard and painful to wear, especially in the first several weeks following application. The quantity of rough attachments in many wearers' hair irritates them. If the application applies strain at the application point, wearers frequently complain of headaches several days following application. Within the first several weeks following application, you may also experience soreness or an itchy scalp. Therefore, if you are scared of the above drawbacks, you must try other suggestions that will look fabulous on you, and everyone will praise your extension and style.

Sew In And Braided Method For Weft Hair Extensions

Weave, sew-in, or braided hair extensions are perfect for coarse or thick hair. To establish a basis for the extensions, your hair is braided, and then wefts are sewed into the braids by using a needle and thread. Ethnic hair wearers are frequently identified with this procedure. The most admirable feature about this method is that you may use oil or silicone-based products on your scalp because the braids will not slip unless they become slack. It is best for thick, coarse hair, so go for it if you have this type of hair.

Furthermore, there is no need for heat or adhesive for application, making it safe and healthy for your sensitive hair. However, you have to be cautious as there are limitations to this method. Tight braids can lead to traction alopecia or hair loss due to tension. This hairdo might take several hours to complete. Bacteria can build up and cause infection if hair extensions are not washed regularly. After an application, the Extensions may feel irritating for you and create headaches. Furthermore, you will be limited in your hairstyling options after using this procedure, preventing you from attempting something new. However, this is a unique style, and if you want to buy weft hair extensions, get the best price from our website and get top-notch quality products.

Clip-In Weft Hair Extensions With Beads

Clip-in hair extensions are a temporary hair extension method that involves attaching wefts of hair to little pressure-sensitive clips. These are an excellent choice for folks who are not ready to commit to wearing extensions every day. Because the extensions can and will need to be removed before bedtime, they are best suited for special occasions or activities. Other hairpieces are attached with an inconspicuous wire if you don't want to wear clip-ins. Halo hair extensions are clipless extensions that don't require any clips. Weft hair extension gives you more flexibility because you can apply and remove the hair daily. Non-commitment entails the ability to change your hair color or style regularly. The hair user can take their hair in and out without visiting a qualified cosmetologist. However, even in this method, there are some side effects that you cannot wear for a long time, and you have to remove them before going to bed. Therefore, it can cause hair loss as they are attached to your scalp. However, taking the necessary precautions will make you look gorgeous and different from others. Therefore, buy a weft hair extension from our brand Chandra hair, which uses natural and best quality hair, never to disappoint you.


Hence, you have seen why you should try our weft hair extensions because they are cheap and durable. We will provide top-notch quality hair extensions, and you will not get any chance to have a complaint from our hair extensions. Moreover, we do not use synthetic materials and promote natural methods and products. Therefore, using Chandra hair's weft hair extension is the best option. You should save a lot of money by not spending on other expensive brands that provide worse quality hair types and do not provide any option for their customers. Therefore, you should consider buying weft hair extensions of our brand, and we will provide you best after-sales services and satisfy your needs.

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