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Processed vs Unprocessed Indian Hair – Which is Better?

Nov 30, 2018


gael farjon

Are you looking forward to purchasing a hair wig? Do you want to transform your look with hair weaves? Hair wigs are available all across the world at affordable rates. They can give volume to your hair along with an exceptional touch of beauty. Human hair is available in two types - processed and unprocessed hair.

When it comes to purchasing Indian raw hair, there are a number of factors that we need to understand. There are several people who are not aware of the differences between processed and unprocessed hair. Now, which one will suit you better? Which is the better option for you? Well, continue reading the post to get the answers to your questions.

Processed Indian hair is chemically treated during the production. But that does not symbolize that it is bad. It is just processed chemically, also known as sleep process. For instance, bleaching or dyeing the hair. This hair is processed to give a certain look and dimension. Before styling, this hair is soaked in highly acidic water in order to strip off the cuticles and eliminate the natural characteristics of the hair strands.

What are the benefits of using processed hair?

The best part of using process day is that once the cuticles are removed, the hair can be treated and colored in the way the manufacturer wants it to be. Generally, processed hair is finally coated using silicone after the treatment in order to boost the shine and replenish the appearance.

Now what do you need to know about unprocessed hair?

Unprocessed hair has the cuticle properly in touch with it and it is also not chemically processed, unlike the processed hair. This kind of hair belongs to a single donor. This hair can last long in comparison to processed hair. The best part is that its trend of the hair pieces a single direction therefore not causing any kind of tangling. It is more expensive than the processed hair. The curly form of unprocessed hair is widely in demand and they are designed in such a way that even if you iron it, it will not lose the curl pattern.

When it comes to coloring the unprocessed hair, you can easily get a good match for the same. Better color application is also possible with this kind of hair because the hair stylist can view the original hair tones properly as well as the tones it pulls. This kind of hair is certainly a good investment from the viewpoint of money because it lasts quite long in comparison to the processed hair. This hair becomes more manageable and soft after washing and not coated with silicone.

Unprocessed Indian hair is not easy to find and as it belongs to one donor, so quite harder to source as well. It is found limited quantities in the market and the high prices make it a little uncommon among average people. The hair cuticles are not tampered with in the unprocessed hair unit and hence, the user can get the extra natural appearance and feel. This is certainly not possible to enjoy with processed hair.

Which one is a better option for you?

According to my opinion, you should choose as per your own lifestyle preference and budget. Both processed and unprocessed hair units have their own set of advantages and it all depends on your requirements and choice. Both these hair types are available online. Discount and offers can entitle you to purchase them at cheap prices. But make sure that you select a reliable seller to ensure that you purchase real human hair weaves.

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