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Winter Hair Care Tips for Extensions

Dec 26, 2018


gael farjon

For those who want silk and gorgeous hair texture, summer could be a problematic time. In summer, a lot of problems occur with the hair. Basically, our scalp starts sweating in hot and humid conditions. Due to sweating, the moist hair root tends to get damaged. When hair root is damaged, you shall find hair texture has become poor. You could notice hair fall issue as well. Now, at this point many people would think that winter could be a good time for the hair. However, you would find that winter also comes with some challenges for your hair. You would notice dryness, split end, fizzy hair and many other problems during this time.

As we understand the damages that occur to our hair during summer, we tend to get prepared to deal with those damages. Washing off scalp, using conditioners after shampooing and many other hair care tips are followed. Problems to hair in winter are not well-known to us. As a result, we lack enough ideas to prevent damages to our hair during this time. In order to help you in this regard, a few winter hair care tips are discussed. If you use hair extensions with your natural hair, these tips would be perfectly helpful for you.

Cover Your Hair as Much as Possible

In winter when you go outside, make sure that you have covered hair with scarf, hat, silk or satin lining. Covering hair at outside has two benefits. Firstly, it helps your hair to stay protected from harmful UV rays of sun.

Secondly, it prevents hair dryness. We all know that during the winter time humidity level in the air comes down. It has impact on our hair and skin. We experience skin and scalp dryness quite commonly in winter season. Scalp dryness leads to dandruff, and that could damage your natural hair completely. Nevertheless, due to dryness problems like fizzy hair and split end can also be experienced. So, covering hair is important in winter, especially when you are going outside.

Another notable thing is that due to dryness in winter, percentage of small particles rises into the air. These small dust or carbon particles and pollutants can easily cause a lot of damages to your hair. Pollutants can damage the natural sheen or shine of the hair. Both hair extension and your natural hair will lose their glowing texture. So, covering hair is absolutely essential when you are going outside.

No Hot Water for Hair Wash

In chilling winter, we tend to use hot water for bathing. Well, using hot water is a necessary thing when atmospheric temperature is low. But, using too hot water is harmful for both skin and hair. Using lukewarm water for bathing is always recommended, especially hair washing should be done with lukewarm water. Washing hair with too hot water causes damages to your hair as well as scalp. While hair loses its natural texture, scalp tends to get dried up. In fact, your hair extension should not be washed in hot water. Always use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hair extensions so that they can remain shining and beautiful for long time.

Use hair Oil to Prevent Dryness

To fight against scalp dryness as well as hair dryness, you should use hair oil. Argan oil as well as coconut oil has been considered as good for the hair. You can use essential oil with your regular oil to keep hair moist, hygienic and aromatic. The same thing is applicable for hair extension. You can use oil on the hair extension to keep it moist and shining in harsh winter. Split ends and fizzy hair issues can easily be resolved by using good quality hair oil products.

Trimming Hair

Your natural raw hair needs trimming in winter. If you use hair extension to enhance hair volume, then your natural hair should be trimmed properly. It will help you to use the hair extension with ease. Nevertheless, trimming will keep your hair protected from split ends and fizzy hair issues in winter. Longer hair is difficult to manage when compared with small hair length. Moreover, it gets easier to use hair extension when your original hair is well managed. It helps blending natural hair with hair extension perfectly.

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