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What's the Difference Between 100% Virgin Hair and Non-Remy Hair?

Mar 28, 2018


gael farjon

With two types of hair being much in demand, i.e. virgin hair and non-remy hair, this blog would briefly take you through the differences between the two and would also let you know how to find out the one. Let’s know the dissimilarity:


  • Virgin hair have unstrapped cuticles while non-remy hair don’t.
  • Non-remy hair soon become dry but virgin hair don’t.
  • Non-remy hair are coated with silicon, unlike Indian virgin hair.
  • Indian virgin hair look natural but non-remy hair look synthetic.

1. Virgin Hair

One of the finest quality of human hair being manufactured, Indian Virgin Hair is the type wherein the cuticles are not stripped, unlike non-remy hair. All the cuticles are in one direction and this lets them give an impression of natural hair. This is the fundamental reason why once you put on these hair, no one would be able to differentiate between the real and the artificial ones.

With non-uniformity in the curl patterns, Indian Virgin hair do have split ends but they are very smooth once the fingers are moved along one direction; though when done the same in the opposite direction, the hair feel a little rough. This is how you identify the hair and their originality. When you observe the friction while running your fingers in the opposite direction, it stamps the presence of the cuticles, ensuring that they haven’t been stripped.

These signify the natural Indian hair by being curly but only to some extent. The perfect wave doesn’t get formed, as it does in artificial hair so as to make them look completely natural. This hair is currently known as RAW hair on the market.

2. Non-remy Hair

Non-remy hair are cuticle stripped hair, coated with silicon, making them look more artificial than any other kind of hair. The cuticles of the hair are completely stripped as the hair are soaked in an acid and chemically treated. In addition to this, the silicon being coated onto the hair makes them tangle free for the time being, but later, clients do suffer real problems. This silicon gets washed off really quickly, making the hair dry and stiff. Also, with such damaged and broken hair, the person looks forward to buying another set as the present one becomes futile to use and wear

With all these disadvantages of this set of hair, it could never match the quality of Remy hair at all. It doesn’t bear the intense heat which the hair tend to go through when styling. They rather look more damaged and untreated. Also, these hair might cause skin allergies to the people with sensitive skin, hence all must try to refrain using such degraded quality. These type of hair aren’t genuine and are generally imported from China.

With these differentiations being made, it is sure that everyone would be keen in buying Remy hair or Indian virgin hair at any point of time. Their unparalleled quality and natural luster would attract all eyes, and more importantly, the fact that they look so beautiful and natural at the same time, makes them even more adorable. These desirable hair can be bought from Chandra Hair wherein the one thing they guarantee is uncompromised quality and one can totally rely on them for the best products ever. They have become an expert in this work and have been manufacturing Remy hair or Indian Virgin hair for quite some time now, reaching endless clients. Try Chandra Hair once and you will be awestruck with their products as well as services, for the hair would be perfectly manufactured, with all intricate details.

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