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How to Change Your Hairstyles with Raw Indian Hair

Apr 16, 2018


gael farjon

Do you know that a little change can bring a drastic change to you? Have you ever thought about changing your hairstyle with your Raw Indian Hair? Chandra Hair is here to help you out in changing your look with different hairstyles for your Raw Indian Hair. Raw Indian Hair is versatile in nature and that it can be moulded into many hair styles. This hair comes in many textures, say, Natural Curly, Natural Straight (South-Indian), Natural Straight (North-Indian), Natural Wavy. All hair type has its own importance and versatility to change its pattern and when washed, it gets back to its texture. The best hair you can choose for your scalps and to look the best, is Raw Indian Hair.

Here are some hairstyles for Raw Indian Hair:


Are you bored of making the same hairstyle for your natural curly hair? Here, we suggest you some super easy and cute hairstyles that will help you to love your natural curls like anything.

Twisted Curly Hairstyle
Twists in Curls is what you will love and love. The hairstyle is super simple; you just have to twist your hair after making partition in hair. Twisting can be done by rolling the hair from front or even back till the crown of your head. Then it can be fit by putting bobby pins or attractive hair clips. The twists keep the unruly curls out of your face, and will also hide some of the frizz that your hair may be sporting.

Mini Buns Hairstyle
How cute is to see those mini buns on top of your head? Everyone gets mesmerized when they see it. For that, you could simply make partitions or take front hair and twist it to get into a bun or two buns. It looks super cute on your crazy curls. This hairstyle looks perfect when you want to go on special occasions or have a bad hair day!


If you want to make the use of your Natural Straight Raw Indian Hair to its fullest, then you have so many amazing styling opportunities!  Presently all straight-haired beauties have numerous choices of hairstyles for different lengths. Here are some trendiest and easy hairstyles for your natural straight hair:

Silky-soft Ponytail Hairstyle
The sleekest hairstyle of natural straight genre is, a silky-soft ponytail. You just have to pick you hair on a little top of your crown or even high and tie them with beautiful rubber bands or clutches. This is the easiest and the trendiest hairstyle for working women or even when you are not in a mood to do any efforts to make your hairstyle.

Messy-half Bun Hairstyle
When you want to slay or if it is your second day for hair, then this hairstyle is no less than a blessing for your natural straight hair. What you have to do is simple take your hair in a messy way and twist it into half bun and tie it with either bobby pins or less-visible rubber bands! Celebrities, these days, are slaying with this quick and easy hairstyle.


Women with natural wavy here often complain about the difficulty of styling this hair and that they wish to get straight hair. But why don’t you use the exceptional quality of your natural waves for your own merits? We recommend you some beautiful appearances for this hair type:

Centre-parted Lob Hairstyle
If you are not aware about the trendiest hairstyle of today, then you have to know that centre-parted lob is the best and the quickest thing you have ever done to your hair. You just have to take a comb and make centre-partition and we assure that you will slay with this look. It goes with every hair-length.

Braided Hairstyle
No, braids are not difficult to make. A little effort to your wavy hair, will make you feel like a blessed person with this hair type. You have to take three strands of your front hair and overlap them over each other. And the result would be outstanding!

You can also colour or bleach your hair to get even a better look to you and your hairstyles. Go with these amazing hairstyles suggestions by Chandra Hair!

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