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Tape-In Hair Extensions Pros And Cons

Aug 08, 2022


gael farjon

Do you want to switch up your hair with something new?? Well, switching up to a longer, fuller, and more voluminous style can be fun. So if you are looking for one of the best ways to get a significant hair makeover is by experimenting with hair extensions. When it comes to extensions, the hairstyle options become practically endless. The hair extensions give you even more freedom to rock unexpected cuts and colors. They are able to change your overall appearance as you feel like a whole new person when you glimpse at your reflection in the mirror. In addition, it is very easy to get lost in the land of extensions because they make you look flawless.

If we are looking forward to its different extensions styles, there are a few different types of extensions that you can get. One option of hair extensions is sewn-in extensions that are applied with a needle and can last up to three months. The other one is the clip-in extensions that you can consider as an easy and non-adhesive option for extensions. If you are going for a one-night type of hair vibe, clip-in extensions are very good for you and allow you to clip them in and out of your natural hair. Besides, if you want thick and voluminous hair with a sleek and natural look, the tape-in extensions are perfect for you. Here we have covered up some essential factors that you need to know about, including why they are great, what can be the cost of it, what installation and removal look like, and so on. Scroll on to have a look at these factors of tape-in hair extensions.

What Are Tape-In Hair Extensions

As it clears from its name, the tape-in extensions adhere to the hair's root using medical-grade tape (the kind of tape that they used to close wounds and surgical incisions). The result of this method is an instant, practically unbreakable bond that means there is no way that hair is going anywhere. Tape-in extensions are straightforward to apply and remove and do not damage your hair. In addition, they look more natural as they lie almost wholly flush against your head, whereas other types of extensions have thicker bases that stick out.

Many of our clients at Chandra Hair are all about buying tape-in extensions over any other kind. One of the best features that people like the most about tape-in extensions is that it allows the ability to reuse the hair, easy removal, and maximize placement options, giving the client a more natural look. Once you look at the benefits of this extension, you surely wouldn't be able to control yourself to go up with the tape in extensions.

Pros Of Tape In Hair Extensions

  • Rapid installation: the installation of hair extensions depends on how many extensions you like, but it can be as speedy as 45 minutes to an hour for tape-ins. So it is a plus point of tape-in extensions that it has rapid installation; in no time, you will be in and out of the salon.
  • Damaged-hair friendly: It is a lot more challenging for stylists to cause harm to the hair of the client with tape-in extensions. These extensions are ideal for clients rescuing from the aftermath of intense color breakage. Additionally, it is more complex for clients to drive damage with tape-in hair extensions at home during daily wear and pull on their hair.
  • Descending cost:  In addition to the quick application, the cost of the tape-in extension is comparatively less. The extensions' prices and the extensions number being installed can differ widely so that the total investment can range between $200 to $800. Once you own new hair, the extensions are reusable until you take good care of them, which helps to save money.
  • Natural appearance: Another pro of tape-in extensions is that they are very flat, which tends to have a more natural look when installed. The hair weft base for the tape-ins is delicate, unlike the tracks you may glue or sew, which are extra thicker to support the application process.
  • An ideal option for fine hair: People with fine hair texture will benefit from the volume and thickness that these extensions can add. There is a vast need for tape-in extensions because many of the clients have thinner hair, but they even want the look of thicker hair without having a full head of extensions, for which these extensions are the best. 

Cons Of Tape-In Hair Extension

  • Shorter wear time: The most significant disparity between sew-ins, glue-in, and tape-ins extensions is longevity. Although tape-ins are secure for everyday wear, the drawback is they are still the least enduring extension options. Before removal or adjustment, six to eight weeks of significant results are expected, and then reinstallation is needed.
  • Some maintenance is required: If you are a person who used to be busy and always in a hurry, then the tape-ins extensions are not a right fit for you because these extensions require regular maintenance. The stylist recommends brushing through the hairs at least three times a day with the help of a brush that won't pull on the tape.
  • It changes haircare routine:  Washing every day is not suitable with tape-ins extensions. After having this hair extension, the stylist doesn't allow friction or much water to hit your hair. Dry shampoo will become a good recommendation for your hair. When it is a term to wash your hair, the most important thing is to use sulfate-free hair masks, shampoos, conditioners.

How To Install Tape-In Extensions 

Maybe you are wondering how to apply tape-in hair extension to get the best look. If yes, here is some information that will help you calm your curiosity. Tape-in extensions are almost an inch wide; one skinny strip of natural hair goes in between them for the application. These extensions need to place in a sandwich-like way, and your hair gets taped between two stripes of hair extensions. But you are going to need someone for the application because you can't do them correctly yourself. Plus, the placement of the tape-in extensions plays a significant role in whether they are going to look natural or not. If the stylist installs the extension, there is a benefit of great cut to incorporate the extensions with one's natural hair. When the extensions are correctly installed, no one will guess that you are wearing extensions. The best way to provide natural-looking extensions is to make even distribution throughout your hair. Assure that the volume of the extensions, cut, style, and length matches all around. Also, leave a good amount of natural hair out on the sides and top to assure coverage of the tape-in weft.

How To Care For Tape-In Extensions

Keeping your tape in hair extensions looking nice as long as possible will be a time commitment that requires proper care from you. For the long-lasting durability of your extension, you should only brush your extensions when they are dry. And wash it 3-4 times a week to keep them fresh. Hold your extension at the root to eliminate unnecessary pulling. Do not forget that you only can use a heat protectant spray to boost your simulated strands' life and avoid things like flat irons right on the tape. Avoiding heat is the crucial point in tape in extension, heat can weaken the glue's bond holding them on. Likewise, you should also keep away the products, including conditioner, serums, and oils, from the tape in extensions. And use them from the mid-shaft down to the hair's ends. Don't sleep on wet extensions at night and clip up your hair.

How To Remove Tape-In Extensions

The extension is required to get reinstallation from time to time for the most pleasing look. We suggest you get your extension removed from professional stylists. So the most critical step to follow for your hair's health is getting a professional stylist to remove your extensions for you. Tape-in extensions are applied with a medical-grade adhesive, so they stay in. You can also use the removed extensions again and again without damaging your natural hair when they are removed gently.

How Much Are Tape-In Hair Extensions

The cost of tape in hair extensions depends on the length of your hair grows. But the average cost of tape in hair extensions ranges between $200 to $400. In addition, the installation at the hairdresser may be about $200. Besides, they will need to be adjusted and moved up every 4 to 6 weeks. So if we talk about the cost of maintenance, it will depend entirely on what your stylist charges.


Overall, the tape-In extensions are a quick and easy method that results in a very natural look that no one can guess that you are wearing an extension. It is comfortably safe and secured for your hair with a non-slip, medical-grade adhesive. Here at Chandra Hair, we have a lot of tape in hair extensions with different colors, lengths, and qualities at a very reasonable price. So what are you waiting for? Order it now to take a step ahead to upgrade your overall personality.

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