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Review Of Micro Link Hair Extensions Before And After

Aug 17, 2022


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Microlinks And Tape Hair Extensions

If you are in search of a fresh way to switch up your strands, then definitely micro-link hair extensions are what you have been looking for. Whether you want to add more volume, additional length, or even try a new hair color, micro-link hair extensions are a unique method that is quickly growing in popularity. Well, if we look for its beginning, the micro-links have been around for over a decade. Still, experts agree that the procedure is becoming a preferred option for girls today who are looking to have more versatile hairstyles.

But before adopting something new to your fashion status, it is most important to understand what is good and bad about it. So you need to know first about the do and don't aspects associated with micro-links before planning an appointment to try it out. That's why today at Chandra Hair we have covered up all these factors that you must know about. Here you will get to know everything, including the pros and cons, the process of installation, duration, and a lot more about micro links. So let's get back on track and start with what the micro links hair extensions actually are.

What Is Micro Links Hair Extensions

Whether you are after volume or want to try out some new styles without permanently altering your hair, we would surely recommend you to switch on micro link hair extensions. But if you are in search of a protective style for your hair, this is not something for you. Micro links hair extensions can be beneficial for you if you are transitioning. It is also suitable even for seasoned extensions wearers who want to ease into styling their natural hair. But in terms of maintenance, it can be pretty challenging as natural hair. Though for a natural feel and look, micro links easily trump all.

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Besides, our experts have also figured out that unlike other methods (such as glued full wigs or sewn-in weaves), micro-link hair extensions are ideal as they allow full access to continually shampoo and treat your scalp. In addition, it is also great because it allows for a ton of styling flexibility and free movement of the hair. Moreover, micro-links don't require any thread, braiding, tape, or glue compared to other extension techniques. Small sections of hair are seamlessly grouped and attached with a micro-bead or micro-ring using a hair plier. From there, all hair is combined and styled. It is a bit freer on the scalp and a more natural fit that moves and flows like real hair instead of clipped or tapped extensions that don't move as freely.

How Is Microlink Installation Done And Remove Safely

The process of micro-link hair extensions generally takes up to four hours. Once the hair has been prepared, wefts are added row by row, working from the nape up to the top and sides of the head. Then the hair is blended and styled as desired. Experts agree that using 100% human hair leads to a more natural, seamless look. Following the initial micro-link installation, you should come in every 2 to 3 weeks for maintenance and tightening, as you will experience hair growth between appointments.

According to our expert team, a professional should permanently remove the micro-links. Similar to the initial install, micro-links are removed using a special plier. The pliers will safely open the bead so that it can easily, and without damage, slide off of the hair. Once all beads or rings are removed, the hair should be comprehensively detangled, shampooed, conditioned, and styled.

How Much Popular Microlink Hair Extensions Are

Whether you search over from Pinterest, YouTube, or TikTok, these platforms become the home of the latest hair and beauty movements. From regular protein treatments to heatless curls, you will undoubtedly find it there. You will get to know now if you are also very excited to see that one particular hairstyle is currently racking up numbers on the app.

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Micro links are not exactly new, but the hashtag #microlinks has recently amassed over 300k tags on Instagram and over 31 million views on TikTok. Micro links hair extensions were previously better known as fusion extensions, but they have undergone a makeover for this year. Incredibly popular right now, micro links can add extra length and volume to your natural hair. And it has been stated that the black hair community champions the micro links hair extensions as a lightweight and less braid alternative to wigs and weaves.

Customer Reviews On Micro Link Hair Extensions

One of the best ways to figure it out is to look for the reviews of before and after from the one who has done it before. So if you want to gather the best information about the extensions, scroll through some customer reviews about the extensions. According to one of our customers, the quality of these extensions is excellent and they will last for a long time before they become dry, brittle, and ratted if you take proper care of them. One can keep this hair in for about 4-5 months at one time with proper care and regular conditioning.

With the attached microbeads, this is a win-lose for the customer. They love how quickly one can install these by them self because the bead is already attached. However, if you have fine, silky hair and the beads slip reasonably easily, no matter how tightly you clamp the beads. One of our customers shares their experience with us in which they are facing the same situation. But it doesn't disturb her because she knows that it has more to do with her hair type than the beads. It happens regardless of who installs them in your hair.

Lastly, one customer reviewed the extension she had bought. It had brown roots but dark blonde beads, which were easy to see against the brown hair. And again, since they were pre-attached to the hair, she finds it very helpful. She reveals the hair itself is of excellent quality for the price. Plus, the attached beads make it very easy to install. However, the attached beads tend to have little pain in the long run and limit what you can do with your extensions.

Micro Links Hair Extension On Black Hair

Furthermore, if you are wondering, are Micro links good for black hair? Let's scroll through some important points about it. Well, at present micro links are championed by the Black hair community as a lightweight alternative to wings and weaves. Incredibly popular micro links can add extra volume and length to your natural hair. Add elegance, volume, and length to your natural black hair with the Beauty Works span of stunning, natural hair extensions. You can go with natural black hair extensions if you want a look that you can achieve on the go; clip-in extensions present a convenient style switch-up. In addition, pre-bonded strands are also made for semi-permanent style; you can choose the best for yourself from a large variety of hair extensions. 

Micro links can also be used on natural hair. It does not need to use adhesives, heat, or other chemicals. These extensions will not damage your natural hair if installed correctly. For a non-bulky natural look, your real hair should blend flawlessly. These extensions can last for more than two months with regular maintenance, regularly washing, and detangling as you would do your hair. In short, there is no requirement to change up an already established routine. It is also a plus if you get extensions matching your original hair; you will probably feel free from the stress and damage of overly using heat to keep your hair blended.

Most Significant Benefits Of Using Micro Link Hair Extension

Micro link extensions are immaculate as they allow full access to treat your scalp or continually shampoo, unlike other methods, such as glued full wigs or sewn-in weaves. Another plus point is they allow for a lot of styling flexibility and free move of the hair. Plus, it does not weigh down your hair or break it as it is a super lightweight install. Skipping out on any tugging, gluing, or braiding also removes the risks of hair loss, breakage, or traction alopecia. These hair extensions are as fit as wearing your natural hair with proper care.

Final Words

Moreover, versatility reigns supreme in the domain of long-term hair extensions. No one wants to have a similar hairstyle for months at a time. The indulgence of parting your hairstyle into a side part one day and a center part the next or dragging hanging braids into a high ponytail is dreamed by many. So it is no wonder that micro link extension services have rocketed in popularity and have become the best alternative to traditional weaves and wigs. Along with the versatile styling, these micro link extensions offer an undetectable install that can last three times longer and allow easy scalp access compared to other weaving techniques. Hopefully, here at Chandra Hair, you will get the suitable hair extensions for what you are searching for.

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