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How To Buy Raw Indian Hair? - Buying Guide

Jan 24, 2019


gael farjon

You may want to buy hair extensions for many reasons. If it’s a onetime need for a certain function or event, then you may go for any option that is economic for you without giving much thought into it, because you know you won’t be using it often. But if you know you would be using it often, then you would look for certain properties in your hair extension like high quality hypoallergenic real hair that can be styled any way. You also would love the natural feel about the hair like the natural shine, wave or curls or silky straight and smooth feel, whichever you like. This means when the frequency of use would be more, you must find something that would be the best quality for giving you the best feel, and at the same time looking most natural to viewers so that one would never know that you are wearing hair extension.

The best quality hair extension

The best quality hair extension to give you the richest feel in terms of natural look, feel, volume and style is original raw Indian hair. Raw Indian hair is of the best quality for the light and healthy feel it gives you after wearing the extension, and for the very healthy strands which feels as natural as your own hair. These are soft and lustrous, strong and healthy, naturally shiny Indian hair. You can style them the way you want. You may color them, bleach and dye them, and may use curling irons and straighteners on them too without destroying the hair. You would get the best natural look and feel from raw hair, which is better referred to as virgin Remy Indian hair extension. And to buy Remy Indian hair, here is the buying guide that would tell you what to look for while buying.

Look for the term ‘virgin’

Virgin is a term used with hair extension, which defines quality in terms of retention of the hair cuticles in the healthiest form. Cuticle is a layer or coating around the hair, which surrounds healthy hair from the base to the tip. This under microscopic vision looks like fish scales. Dry and damaged hair would have damaged dry scaly cuticles, but healthy and soft hair would have well aligned smooth cuticles. And it’s the cuticle which adds to the luster, shine and softness of hair, to give you the healthy look and feel. Hence always look for virgin Indian hair while buying.

Look for the term ‘Remy’

This term ‘Remy’ refers to the arrangement of hair in the extension. When the hair strands are arranged such that all the roots are in one direction, and all the tips are at the other opposite direction, then the cuticles of the strands are all aligned together at one direction. This ensures that the cuticles of the strands would not rub against each other to steal away the health, shine, smoothness and softness of the strands. Hence Remy hair extensions retain the natural health, feel, and look of hair.Also the strands do not get tangled or knotted in Remy hair extensions. Hence you should look for Indian Remy hair extensions.

What to look for in the supplier?

When you want to buy Indian hair extensions of the best quality, you should look for the extension supplier who has real contacts with India and also is in this business for a quality time. Hair extension companies based in India, or having strong contacts with India, or in the neighboring countries to India, can be good choice. You should also go by customer feedback to know which companies are doing best.

If you are researching about a hair extension seller, see what other customers of them have to say about their products. Product quality, hair length, durability, natural look and shine, all matters highly. And that is why you should see the reviews and feedback you get about that seller. This way you can develop a better idea of whether to buy the raw Indian hair from that seller or try another.


When you go for long hair extensions, you must buy more extensions of same quality for extra hair volume, because long hair looks better when in volume.

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