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Top South Indian Raw Hair Supplier from India

Top South Indian Raw Hair Supplier from India

Dec 29, 2023


gael farjon

You are searching for a reliable hair supplier in the maze of many hair companies, from Vietnamese, Chinese, Indonesian, Brazilian factories to Indian factories. In fact, Indian raw hair suppliers are considered as one of the main hair distributors in the worldwide markets. If you are wondering which south Indian hair supplier is the most excellent, then this blog has been prepared for you. This includes the list of top 6 Indian hair suppliers.

Indian Human Hair Industry

Before we get to the top list, it is extremely important for us to briefly consider the Indian hair suppliers. Generally, Indian hair sellers are characterised by the origin, factories, and wholesale price of their hair.

Origin of hair: There are two important sources – temple hair and hair balls. Temple Hair The hair collected from donors at temples is amazing. In India, people come to temples and tie their hair to express their reverence for God. Additionally, hair may also be collected from salon floors, public bathroom floors, or pipes, which are referred to as extremely low quality Remy hair extensions.

Industry: Raw Hair vendors in India still use backward technology, where almost all processes are done by hand. Both productivity and quality are lacking.

Price: Indian hair is famous for its cheap wholesale price and high quality, making it a popular seller around the world. Due to this, south Indian raw hair is exported to various countries.

Chandra Hair – A high quality Indian hair supplier

Chandra Hair Factory is one of the most popular suppliers of Vietnamese hair, supplying excellent hair at affordable prices. The company has gained extensive experience in exporting hair to major markets such as South America and Africa, making Chandrahair a major competitor among hair factories. It specialises in high quality human hair products, such as hair weave bundles, raw hair bulk, hair extensions (tape, tip, clip, etc.), wigs, hair closures, and hair frontals.

Why Wholesalers Prefer Raw South Indian Hair?

Over the past few years, the global hair wigs and extensions market has been growing in demand and is expected to reach US$2.42 billion by 2024, growing at a CAGR of 8%. The main reason for this growth is the increasing demand for hair extensions and the rapidly increasing popularity of other hair products.

Hair problems are on the rise due to personal and environmental factors, such as hair fall, pollution, lifestyle changes, and water quality. Therefore, wholesalers or distributors are increasing in demand for specific hair like raw south Indian hair.

Due to the quality of Temple raw Hair Factory's temple hair products, wholesalers and distributors choose it as their preferred choice. The high quality of this hair, being naturally occurring, and with a variety of colour and length options, makes it special.

Thus, wholesalers and distributors are now choosing Temple Hair Factory as the best source to fulfil their hair needs.

Raw Indian Hair – Everything You Need to Know

A person's hair plays an important role in his beauty. It helps them look young and attractive. Similarly, hair extensions play an important role in fulfilling a person's dream of long hair, healthy and thick hair to transform their look.

There are many options of South Indian Raw Hair Extensions in the market, from which one can choose as per their requirement. Choosing the right type of hair is very important when it comes to purchasing hair extensions.

When properly cared for, the right type of hair can last you for years and provide you with a natural look. Raw Indian hair is considered to be the most popular and best hair extension of these times, which gives you a natural and attractive look."

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