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At Chandra Hair, we firmly believe in using the real terms when it comes to selling hair. For example, many vendors will sell our 10A hair as Raw Hair but we will always use the real terms due to the process done to the hair. Please find below our hair description, as precise as possible.



South Indian Authentic Raw Unprocessed Hair (single donor) (BLACK TAG): it is single donor hair sourced from Southern India temples. This hair is 100% unprocessed and the textures are natural meaning we use no steam to make textures. You can wash bundles 100 times and the pattern stays the same. Comes in 4 textures: natural straight, natural wavy, natural curly and steamed curly. This is what is currently known as "Raw hair" It is our highest quality. High end hair. Can bleach to lightest blond. Very good for a natural look. Can bleach to lightest blonds especially natural brown bundles. Natural straight can be compared to Slavic hair: it is thin hair and comes in all natural shades from light brown to dark black. Natural wavy/curly are thicker hair than natural straight. High-end hair

This hair requires experience and high maintenance. Recommended for stylists who see clients on a weekly basis or that will clearly explain the hair care required for raw hair. This is the purest hair available on the market (unprocessed and real single donor cuts)

*This hair is usually sold as raw hair, or Temple hair.


South Indian JET BLACK Raw Hair :  This is pure single donor cuts, exactly the same as the regular South Indian Hair except donors dye this hair to jet black to hide some grey hairs. This hair won't be able to lift well anymore but will retain all raw qualities such as cuticles and 3 year + life span. This is currently the best priced hair on the market

*Many brands are currently selling this hair as pure raw indian hair. Since the hair is dyed to jet black, we are able to offer the lowest price on it. It is superb hair for businesses/clients who want the best quality hair without bleaching it. If you are not bleaching your hair, this is by far the best deal we have.

North Indian Unprocessed Hair (WHITE TAG): it is multiple donor hair mix but unprocessed and cuticle intact. Comes in straight, wavy, S shape bodywave. Medium-High end hair.  This hair will bleach to maximum yellow blond #27.  Very good for perfect straight and a natural look.

We have a higher quality version of this hair called North Indian Premium (BLUE TAG). This one can easily bleach to light blond 613 to cater to the High End Market

We also made a new version called North Indian Grade 2 (RED TAG) which is the exact same hair as the regular North Indian Raw Hair but with more short hairs and thinner ends in order to drastically reduce its cost. This one is our lowest cost hair with superb feedback for those looking for a solid low priced product. 2023 current top seller due to its low cost and superb quality


We also now have North Indian Double Drawn which is the exact same hair as the regular North Indian Raw Hair but with thick ends and short hair removed. Requires more hair care as ends are really thick.

This hair requires medium maintenance. North Indian hair sold the most bundles in 2022 due to its low cost and profit making ability. It is the perfect option for those who want good hair on a lower price (lower cost than 10A or South Indian)

*This hair is usually sold as raw hair

Cambodian Unprocessed Raw Hair (ORANGE TAG):  Our new Cambodian Raw Hair can lift to light blond without any problem and is similar to our South Indian Raw Hair, very high quality raw hair! We Import the Raw Single Donor cuts from Cambodian and weft it in our Indian factory. We have an exchange partnership with a manufacturer in Cambodia where we exchange Indian single donor cuts for Cambodian single donor cuts. 

Indian Remy Hair : it is North  Indian mix donor hair. it is medium-end hair. Comes in straight, natural wavy, S shape bodywave.  Contains a little bit of red and white hair. Requires deep condition wash just like raw hair. Our process contains zero chemicals. This hair can bleach to yellow blond #27. Medium end hair

This requires high medium maintenance similar to north indian raw hair

*This hair is usually sold as raw hair, or Temple hair even though it is not.


Grade 9A Hair: all hair above are manufactured by us. 9A is the only strand that we do not manufacture ourselves but we trade it. One part of our business is to sell bulk to chinese manufacturers. One factory is our official partner and we resell their output. All chinese operations are supervised by our China Director who runs our office in Qingdao. This hair is medium quality but good. It is very soft. Will last a year.
Can bleach to yellow blond #27. All textures available.

This hair requires low maintenance

*This hair is usually sold as Brazilian , Peruvian, Malaysian, Mink hair ect. It is known as "Virgin hair"


Grade 10A Hair: Similar textures to our 9A hair but here the hair used is MUCH higher quality. It is  pure Indian raw hair used to make our Grade 10A and gently process it for softness.  This hair is the easiest hair to bleach and can reach perfect light blond in no time. If you plan on bleaching your hair at home, this one is the easiest to do so. All textures doable. This hair will last over a year easily and will remain soft. This hair represents the best of both worlds: pure Indian raw hair with the chinese soften process. Can last 2 years. All Vendors usually sell this hair as RAW HAIR. We call it processed as there is a very small process to it for softness.

This hair requires low to medium maintenance. Top seller for 2020 (lowest complaints and best feedback)

*This hair is usually sold as raw hair by chinese vendors, some call it 12A Hair or high grade Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian, Mink hair  It is known as "Virgin hair". Some  people also choose to sell it as Raw hair as it is truly high quality (raw Cambodian or raw Burmese for the curls)


Grade 8A Hair:  Our lowest quality but our lowest price. It is non remy hair processed to be soft. Will last at least 6 months. Comes in all textures. Can be bleached to yellow blond #27. All textures available

This hair is for those looking for low quality at low cost

*This hair is usually sold as Brazilian , Peruvian, Malaysian, Mink hair ect. It is known as "Virgin hair"


DOUBLE DRAWN HAIR : For salon owners/hair stylists/wig makers mostly: we have 2 kinds of double drawn;


1. 100% double drawn made from 100% unprocessed South Indian Temple Hair. This is the highest quality possible in the hair industry. 100% cuticle hair.  This is geared for high end markets and wig makers needing premium hair for ventilating. We can serve up to 34" 


2. Double drawn made from processed hair : this is what 99% of double drawn hair is made from in the hair extension business. Geared for high end markets as well. We can make 60% or 80% or 100% ratio depending on your need. We can serve up to 24"