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Get All Details About 13x4, 360, Lace Frontal

Oct 27, 2022


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In this advanced generation, many things have become a trend for youths; hair extensions and wigs are also one of them. Nowadays, every girl dreams about mermaid-like hair to get a gorgeous and attractive look. But so many of them do not have natural hair so well if you are also one of them, you don't need to worry in this advanced world. Even if you do not have thick natural hair, you can carry a gorgeous and attractive look by using hair wigs and other kinds of extensions. However, you can find different types of wigs in the market, such as 13×6 lace front wigs, 4×4 lace front wigs, 10×4 lace front wigs, etc. In which a 13×4 lace front wig is trendy. All lace front wigs are made with versatile techniques, a flexible tool, and great care.

Lace Frontal

Well, if you are confused about what kind of wig you should choose to get the natural look, we suggest you try 360 lace frontal or the 13×4 lace wigs. Both 13x4 lace frontal and 360 lace frontal wigs are typical lace wigs in the human hair market. Probably they have the same advantages, and they are also different. If you are stuck on what you should choose, you can get all the details about the 13X4, 360, lace frontal. Here at Chandra Hair, we offer the best quality of lace frontal wigs in different colors and textures. We will discuss these two lace front wigs in detail in an upcoming section that could help you select wigs more suitable for you.

What Is 13x4 Lace Frontal

However, if you are looking for the best quality wig, 13×4 lace wigs can be the best option for you. This wig is made of a natural hairline, making it look very natural. You can wear 13×4 lace wigs at the front of the head. The size of this wig is 4 inches in the back and 13 inches in the front. It is a unique and decent wig for women and can be used for a long time. the 13×4 lace wig is becoming extremely popular because of its convenience and economy. There are many advantages to wearing this wig. They are versatile, economical, comfortable, natural, and deliver proper ventilation. Lace frontals are handy products for fortune hair users, and they will protect your natural hair if properly installed.

Lace Frontal

Benefits Of Using 13x4 Lace Frontal 

It may seem endless if we try to discuss the benefits of a 13x4 lace frontal. Let's have a look below to get a complete view of its benefits.

  • Natural appearance: 13×4 lace wig is a natural pure human Hair Lace Wig. Shedding-free, Tangle-free, Shiny, and Healthy Hairs are used for making the wigs. The entire wig can beautifully cover your ears and forehead so that no one acknowledges that the hair does not naturally grow on your head. So whenever you wear this wig, nobody will be competent to guess that you are using a wig. You can get a realistic look by wearing this wig because it makes your hair look natural. 
  • Comfortable: A 13 x 4 Sheer Lace Wig is relatively easy to use. It is made with the best quality transparent lace frontal closure. These are plain, glueless, and machine-made wig caps; therefore, they are effortless. That's why you will feel very comfortable while wearing the wigs for several hours.
  • Affordable: The best benefits you get when choosing a 13 x 4 lace front wig are these are incredibly affordable; anyone can easily afford this wig. Many people like to spend less money on the finest quality lace wigs. So if you are searching for an upscale lace front wig at a reasonable price, you should pick this 13 x 4 lace front wig.
  • Versatile hairstyles: With this 13 x 4 lace wig, you will be able to make a versatile hairstyle. These high-quality wigs allow you to design different hairstyles for many events, such as birthdays, weddings, prom, traveling, or daily outings.

What Is 360 Lace Frontal And How It Is Made

If you are looking for an effortless protective style that you can change frequently, bundles with a 360 lace frontal will be the best choice. The 360 lace frontal wig is one of the hair lace wigs made up of human hairs with 360 lace frontal closure and hair bundles for sale. And it has become more and more popular every day among the customers worldwide. More lace makes the 360 lace frontal wigs more breathable and easier hairstyles. And definitely, it is a good choice for every beauty. What's more, you can also do a high or low ponytail and side braid on 360 cheap and lace wigs.

At first, for the primary construction material, a 360 lace human hair wig is made of 100% virgin human hair bundles and a 360 lace frontal. All the hair we use is without any chemical process to avoid shedding and tangling problems. And every 360 frontal lace we use is swiss lace, and it is light and breathable. What's more, for its production technology, a 360 lace human hair wig goes around your head in a circle with an open on the top of the head, 4 inches ahead and 2 inches behind to help people have more hairstyles.

Benefits Of 360 Lace Wig

The benefits of a 360 lace wig seem endless. If you are also curious to know its benefits, then let's have a look below.

  • Natural Look: The natural hairline of a 360 lace frontal wig makes it appear growing from your scalp. It does not expose the weaving tracks, and the hairlines indeed look like your natural hair.
  • Free Styling: You can style the 360 Lace frontal wig in any way you want. Whether you style it all around or choose to wear it in a ponytail, you can have the freedom to do so.
  • Save Time And Easy To Install: It is straightforward to install 360 lace frontal as it only takes less than one hour. The weaving also takes less time because no weft sewing is needed; fewer wefts and bundles are required.
  • Wider Lace Part: The lace part in front of the head is more comprehensive, making the hairline more natural, even like your accurate headline. And the parting space is also long enough to help you go parting conveniently. 100% human hair is hand-tied on the lace by workers to avoid shedding and tangling problems.
  • More Comfortable: The large lace area could help the human hair lace wigs become lighter, more breathable, and more comfortable.
  • Available In Different Colors And Textures: The 360 lace frontal wigs are not just available at only one color or one texture. You can restyle and dye them into other colors as you want.

Lace Frontal

Why Should You Buy A 360 Lace Wig At Chandra Hair

Here at Chandra Hair, we have always tried to make our customers fully satisfied. Here are two main reasons why we suggest you buy a 360 lace wig at our website.

  • High-quality lace wig with reasonable price: As we mentioned above, 360 full lace frontal wigs are made of high-quality 100% virgin hair bundles. Besides, it has both advantages of a full lace wig and a lace front wig. And the best part about buying it from Chandra Hair is that it is available here at a more affordable and reasonable price.
  • Multiple hairstyles available: As a 360 lace front wig is made of a 360 around the lace, it is available to make more hairstyles. We have various hair textures at Chandra Hair, including straight, curly, deep waves, and body waves. 

How Much Is A 360 Lace Wig

Usually, the price of any lace wig is affected by two aspects: the first is hair length, and the other is hair density. If you have a longer hair length and higher hair density, the price of a 360 lace frontal wig will be higher. Similarly, the hair texture of the colored 360 lace front wigs is also an essential effect on the price as the primary and standard hair textures, such as straight and body wave, the price of both these will be lower than other hair textures, such as the curly and deep wave. If you buy a 360 lace frontal, we suggest you buy another three bundles with a 360 lace frontal to create a more natural look and make wefts installation simple.


Whether you choose a 13×4 lace front wig or go with the 360 lace frontal wig, both of them can create a natural hairline and bring you comfort. After knowing everything about both of these wigs, you will be able to find a perfect one for you. We hope you find this directory very useful and consider buying the frontal wig at Chandra Hair. If you want to explore them further, never hesitate to consult with us; we are always here to help you.

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