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Top 10 Essentials Summer Hair Care Tips You Need to Know

Mar 05, 2018

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gael farjon

Summers are a real problem for hair, especially when the temperature touches the peak. Even our hair become frizzy and difficult to handle at times. Following are a few tips that must be followed in order to make sure the scorching heat of the summers doesn’t affect your hair negatively.


Top 10 Summer Hair Care Tips


1. Use conditioner

In summers, it becomes really important to use conditioner as it makes sure your hair stay healthy and smooth. For a natural conditioner, rinse your hair with apple cider vinegar, only when it’s diluted in water.

2. Shampoos with sunscreen

These days, you can find shampoos with sunscreen as one of the ingredients. As our skin needs to be protected from the sun, so do our hair. If you do not find such a shampoo, you can even take your hands lightly through your hair post applying sunscreen on your skin.

3. Use a wide tooth comb

Once the hair are wet, they become prone to breakage and hence become fragile. In such a case, make sure you use a comb with wide teeth. These are perfect for untangling hair.

4. Wash hair less often

Summer takes moisture from hair and all the essential oils as well, owing to the humidity in the air. When we wash them more often, we make them devoid of the amount of oil left. Make sure when you use a shampoo, it is gentle so as to revitalize the hair.

5. Hot oil

This is a must in the summers. A hot oil rinse is very important so as to rejuvenate the hair and bring them back to their original form post every wash. The best way to go ahead with this process is to heat any oil and then apply it after having shampooed your hair.

6. No stress please

This is the one thing that all take for granted and pay the least heed to, but this is the most important of all the tips ever mentioned anywhere. Stress affects our health in all the dimensions, including hair. It causes loss and damage of hair.

7. Home tip

Mix coconut oil with some parts of hair conditioner and water. Pour the mixture into an empty bottle. Use this mixture onto your hair and wash after some time. This will ensure nourishment from both, the oil as well as the hair conditioner.

8. Hair mask

A mask can be prepared using avocado and peppermint oil. It offers required protein to your hair, with optimum quantity of fat and vitamins as well. Leave the mixture for 15 minutes and then wash off.

9. Avoid cosmetics

With summers around the corner, cosmetics must be kept away, or at least maintained some distance from. Any chemical hair treatment must be avoided during this time period. It will only degrade the quality of your hair.

10. Swimming

Do not shampoo before your enter the pool. Shampooing hair makes your hair free from most essential oils and when you swim with such vulnerable hair, the chemicals in the swimming pool would harm your hair. Use a shampoo with ethylene tetra-acetic acid post the swim, so as to help the hair avoid any harmful effect of the chlorine.

Having mentioned all the summer hair tips above, it’s significant to know that these tips can be applied even on the hair extensions used these days. These extensions need to be taken care of like natural hair, so that they shine and look lustrous. These extensions of different grades can be bought from Chandra Hair if you are looking forward to having quality in every product that you receive.

1 comment

  • Lilian Nosakhare-Ogunmola

    Thanks for these helpful tips. It is not good to comb the hair when it is wet because it causes the hair to break and it is best to use wide teeth comb for combing hair because it is perfect for untangling hair.

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