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Introducing our South Indian made Lace frontals. They are made of 100% Raw hair and the exact same hair as our bundles. The lace is regular light brown for now but we will have transparent lace soon.  You can choose between 13x4 and 13x6 as well as all of our raw textures!

We make Natural hair line at the front and we really improved our construction method. Indians aren't known for closures, Chinese are usually better. We think we make the best closures and frontals in India! 

These frontals are 100% made from Raw hair, unlike other sellers where frontal hair is different from bundle hair. They are expensive as we have a limited production capacity on these. Many of our clients will use 9A or 10A frontals to match Raw Hair. 


This frontal is made with TRANSPARANT lace

Let us know abour your query!

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