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South indian and North Indian any length
Grade 9A 16" 18" 20"


Are you considering to get one new lace frontal to change your hairstyle, but do not want to mess your own hair? Regular Lace Closures can help you get beautiful silky straight, bouncy body wave, sexy curly, deep wave, natural wave, various hairstyles. Once you try it, you will fall in love with it and cannot live without it!

A Regular Lace Closure is very dynamic, and allow you to really play with your style. If you are one that goes for regular hair appointments (meaning every 2-3 weeks even with a sew-in install), then yes, you should try an Indian Remy Hair Lace Closure. Indian Remy Hair is considered to be the best hair which is cuticle-intact and 100% luxurious quality.

When it comes to protecting your hair during the warm months there are so many options and it truly depends on your lifestyle, desired maintenance level, personal hair philosophy and budget.  Now if you’re a fan of natural styles then you may opt for box braids, faux locks or crochet styles.  However, if you like traditional hair extensions then you may consider wearing a sew-in or a wig, and more specifically, a Regular Lace Closure sews in.

Chandra Hair Indian Remy Hair Regular Lace Closures can blend in seamlessly because the scalp colour and density has a very natural appearance. Our lace closures are made with care. They are durable and high quality material is used to manufacture them.

Hair Professionals: We recommend to sell this hair with an install at the same time. You can easily offer this hair in the $59-$80 range per bundle.


Our closures for website orders are regular brown lace  


HD lace and clear lace are possible on pre order. Please email us. 


Lace Closures Specs 5x5


Hair Grade

9A/10A/Indian Remy/ Raw Hair

Hair Origin

Indian Remy and Raw hair are produced in our own India factory.

Our 9A/10A hair lines are produced in our partner factory located in China. 

Product Life Span Closures cannot last as long as weft hair because they are delicate pieces. Each hair strand is knotted carefully. They can last anywhere from 5 months to over a year depending on hair care


Quality Regular lace. Website orders will be sent light brown lace. HD lace or other color lace available on demand. Email us

Shipping Time

4-5 business days for 9A 10A
5-7 business days for Raw hair and Indian Remy

Let us know abour your query!

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