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Our new quality. 10A is made using pure Raw Indian Hair MIXES. It is processed hair of the highest quality. The process done on this hair is to soften it. This hair was made in order to serve the "Virgin Hair" market. This would be the highest quality in the virgin hair market.  This hair can bleach to lightest blonds no problem. MANY CALL THIS HAIR BLUE BAND HAIR. CHINESE SELL IT AS 12A hair or RAW HAIR


Many people sell it as Raw Hair, we like to call this hair SOFTENED RAW HAIR as it will do all that Raw hair can do but without the high maintenance of Raw Hair

Hair is silky, soft, tangle free, will lift to lightest blonds. THIS HAIR GOT THE LOWEST COMPLAINTS AND BEST FEEDBACK IN 2020




Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Body Wave

Hair Grade


Hair Origin It is Raw indian hair mixes that get softened in China

Product Longevity

Will last 1 to 2 years


3.5 ounces (100 grams). Heavier sets available on demand

Shipping Time

10A straight and bodywave ship within 48 hours. Deepwave and curly require 3 days to make. Total delivery time around 5 to 7 days

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