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 INTRODUCING OUR NEW SOUTH INDIAN RAW HAIR IN JET BLACK COLOR. This is SINGLE DONOR CUT HAIR from donors who dyed their hair (usually they will dye the hair to hide grey hairs) We dye the hair jet black which does not affect the quality of the hair at all. The hair will not be able to bleach well anymore since it is dyed: this is for those who want to wear black hair without bleach/dying it. South Indian Jet Black Raw hair retains all of the raw hair qualities and will last 2 years and up!

Natural Wavy South Indian Raw Hair is the best type of natural hair in the market. It’s naturally soft, bouncy and light weight texture, is what impresses everyone. It is more lucrative than any other type of hair, it is spontaneously silkier, never been negotiated with any chemical process. Each bundle is solitary (from an alike donor) and we optate our bundles to give you the best! No bundle is just alike, one may be wavier in texture than the other, or slightly lighter in colour.

Natural Wavy South Indian Raw Hair has no pronounced wave pattern. After a wash it retains to a beautiful wavy texture in its natural state. This hair can be straight- ironed or curled, which holds a curl for several days. It brews best with natural or liberal hair.

Our hair comes from the absolute top tier of the most exclusive temples of South India. The best quality hair we offer, weighs about 5-10 grams more on average than the natural temple hair and is of a higher quality, so it lasts much longer and provides the most natural look feasible. This hair has appealing qualities with added thickness and oddity of exceptionally uncommon South Indian temple hair. The secret of the best quality hair of South India is that, there women use coconut oil and cover their hair to attain healthy thick strands of hair.

We offer natural raw hair with authenticity and beauty that are unmatched. This hair has an eccentric soft silky sensation and a gratifying natural smell. The hair is 100% tangle- free, looks attractive and has faultless finish. It gets natural smooth with natural movement. We don’t compromise in quality and procession of our products.

Hair Professionals: This hair sells in the retail market at $68-$250 range per bundle.


Weft Hair Extensions Specs

Raw Indian Wavy Hair

*Please note this is real single donor hair and therefore no two bundle will be similar. Slight variations in texture and color are possible. SOME BUNDLES ARE LESS WAVY AND SOME ARE MORE WAVY

Hair Grade Unprocessed cuticle intact hair (raw hair)
Hair Origin

Southern Indian temple. We produce this hair in our own factory in Shimoga, Karnataka (280 KM from Bangalore). 

Product Longevity

3 years with proper care.


3.5 ounces (100 grams) per bundle

Shipping Time

South Indian Raw Hair ships directly from India to you. Total turn around time is about 10 business days.  





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