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Welcome to our Referral Program where stylists can refer their clients to us against a 15% commission on every sale!


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How does it work:  We noticed that many stylists purchase hair from us  but also many send their own clients to purchase from us. If you want to send your client to us, do it for a commission instead of sending them our way for free.

Since we are a famous hair manufacturer and we are the direct source, your clients will be convinced to purchase from us. Also our pricing will be better than any local store. It is a easy sale for you, without having to do anything: we take care of the customer service, exchanges, complaints ect.  Make 15% commission easily!


Example:  One of your clients want to schedule an appointment for next week. You tell your client to purchase on using a UNIQUE GENERATED LINK. From that unique link, we are able to know that you are the one who brought us the sale. Even if your client goes to our website 1 month later, we will still be able to know the sale comes from you: This is called Affiliate Marketing and we use super precise technology to track every sale. The link we create for you can be "  or it can be a random generated link.


Contact one of our reps today to learn more about this opportunity! We have dozens of stylists already making over $2500 a month after only couple weeks of promotion!  Join us and let's make money together! We will teach you how to sell our hair and do our 100% for you to be successful!