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South Indian Raw Hair is the best quality hair. The quality of shine and roughness is what shows that the hair is original and raw, which comes directly from the temples of South India. This hair gets weaved in bundles by experts which gives natural South Indian look to you. After all, hair is what, completes the women.

We provide our customers with 100% virgin South Indian Raw and good quality hair. The hair we provide is a splendid choice for clients who love natural and flawless finish to their installation.

South Indian Raw Hair is virgin hair that can be coloured or bleached in any tone. During sorting process, wavy hair, curly hair and natural straight hair get separated, keeping in mind of the removal of damaged and grey hair.

Our hair bundles are washed and soaked in good quality shampoos overnight and then get cleaned. Wide tooth comb is used to brush these bundles, apprehending the hair free flowing and tangle free. After split, around 100 grams of hair get sewed in a bundle.

Our sample package for South Indian Raw Hair consists of 3 half bundles  (50grams/ 1.75oz).

You get one of each of the official 100% unprocessed and natural South Indian Temple Hair textures:  Straight, Natural Wave and Curly.

You can choose between 12" or 14" or 16" for all three samples.

Total delivery time is around 8 to 10 business days. This hair is manufactured and ships from India.

Slant from the crowd and show your style with our unique raw South Indian weave from our raw collection.

Let us know abour your query!

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