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1 Hour Class where you can ask all your questions about hair and where we will teach you the TRUTH about the hair business! 

We will teach you all about hair, its real origins, the difference between processed hair (sold as virgin hair in USA) and Raw Hair.  Crucial information that will set you up for success!  This class reimburses itself by avoiding the costly mistakes that we have seen clients make over the 10 years experience we have serving hair businesses!  You will learn how our CEO went from posting one picture on EBAY to owning a factory.  Most people who start a hair business will lose a lot of money due to a lack of knowledge: They will spend money on a website and branding then will just sit and wait and wonder why no sales are coming and most will not last a year in this business. We see it everyday with new business owners who are completely lost! This class will really help you to take the RIGHT DIRECTION!

Whether you are selling online or offline, this class will help you make money and scale your business in the right direction!


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